Self Care March 28, 2020

Emotional agility: how to build resilience in times of crisis

Bora Öztunç @boraoztunc

“Life’s beauty is inseparable from its fragility.” This quote by Dr Susan David perfectly encapsulates the importance of emotional agility. We love and we lose, we are healthy and ill, we complain about someone, then we miss them when they’re gone. The complex interplay between beauty and fragility is at the core of life.

Dr Susan David defines emotional agility as our ability to experience our thoughts and emotions in a way that encourages us to reveal the best of ourselves. Emotional agility is not about being positive or optimistic all the time—quite the opposite. Instead of constantly chasing happiness and denying the fragility of life, emotional agility encourages us to accept both the positive and negative emotions we are bound to experience throughout the years.

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