End of an Indie Fund

I've had my eye on a really cool looking fund for some time now. It's called Indie.vc and as far as I understood it, they were taking a different approach to VC funding by looking at building a portfolio around products and companies that could actually grow from indie startups into sustainable, highly profitable businesses.

So, instead of the spray and pray approach for finding a 1000x unicorn, focus on finding 40 companies that will 25x your investment over time. Which, imo, is a far more interesting and compelling approach to the investment model. Especially if you think about the fact that in both scenarios investors are probably dealing with the same volume of companies, but the former are most likely having to handle way more dumpster fires than the latter.

Combine that with their philosophy of wanting to be the first and the last money into your company, it made for an amazing opportunity for Indie Hackers that needed a touch of fuel to really turn things on. The first 8 companies they invested in never needed to get insane VC money and "each of those initial 8 is still in business with many of them generating 7 and 8 figures in revenue."

I was really cool to see a different model being taken. Having Indie be out there, in the space between "bank loans and blitzscaling" made me hopeful that they'd come out of their experiment able to prove that this kind of model exists and is really worth investing in. Because getting to a sustainable, highly profitable position for a company is rewarding not only for the Indie Hackers who start things up in the first place, but also for their customers, the market and generally creating stronger economies.

Unfortunately, today, they announced The End of Indie...


This is a real shame.

P.S. If anyone (esp from Indie.vc) reads this and thinks "this guy is totally fucking wrong" please hit up the comments or DM me and I'll happily edit.

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