Engineer vs Entrepreneur Mindset

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    I admire the entrepreneurial mindset. Unfortunately I’m starting to feel like I wasted a lot of time learning to code the past 2 years.

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      Why? 😯

      I believe that writing code is the single most important skill of the century!

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        Depends on the path I take if I want to be a dev or start a business. I mean for example spending a month learning Redux and not even using it after didn’t do much for me. Because I didn’t use it for a project I barely even remember it. The indie hacker mindset is you learn whatever on the fly to get something done. And I spent too much time learning theory and syntax and programming concepts because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but just wanted to know a lot of stuff. Now I have the mindset of being focused on whether something is immediately useful before learning. And having a plan and strategy for why I’m learning it and what I hope to do with it

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    Thank you for the article! Very interesting!

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    Nice post, thanks for sharing! Apart of the alogrithmic mindset of the engineers I think that the worst for us it is the inter-personal work that you must do when starting a business. Then it is not only just business problem solving but a lot of (at first unproductive) tasks related with user/clients management, accounting, contractor checking and a large where entrepreneurial mindset is the key for success.

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