Entrepreneurs and Patience

How important is patience when you are backed against the wall, every day?

Why don't people talk much about the importance of patience in a life of an entrepreneur?

There is no secret in the fact that hard work is the only way that drives us to success.

But it is not glamorous, it is not tempting enough, it is indeed a frustrating journey. There will be days when you will feel like quitting because you don't see the numbers growing.

You don't get new customers, you face rejections from every direction. Everything feels constant on the results end, even though you are putting in the efforts.

Then you ask yourself questions like -

Is there a lack of effort?
Is this even meant to be?
Am I capable of this?
Is it not for me?
Should I focus on something else?
Am I going to fail, yet another time?

What should one do in this disheartening situation?

There are 2 schools of thought that people have on this situation -

On one hand, they say that these questions are excuses & only those who lack the conviction do something, make these excuses. People who want to do something always find a way to make things happen for them.

Then you ask yourself questions like-

So am I giving out excuses here?
But I genuinely put effort into this, and yet I don't see results. Is it still my fault?
Why does it always happen to me?
How will I do this alone?

Then you start to doubt your own ability at every step

The other school of thought talks about the value of being impatient with your efforts and being patient with the results. Basically, it means that good things take time, all you can do is show up every day and put in all the effort you possibly can.

The numbers may not seem to be growing up now. But the process of compounding always starts with small results before it shows you the big numbers and big bars in your growth graph.

I know it is easier said than done, but trust me, I am in the same loop. Every week, I wake up & question my abilities to do certain things, I doubt myself, I question everything from start to end but then I dare myself to try yet another week. I gather this belief, a sense of faith every week and try to do all the things that are in my control with the hope that eventually this process will show colors.

"Rome was not built in a day."

Be self-critical, improve in every way you can but have a sense of hope for yourself. Things will work out eventually, just don't give up yet. Try again, then again & again. You can win the war that you see outside only if you win these small battles within yourself every day.

So ask yourself a question today -

Where am I lacking? Is it the sense of hope and patience or is it the efforts?

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