Epiphanies of an Entreprenot...

These are the epiphanies of an Entreprenot. Not that I don't want to be. I've actually been successful in my career. With no college degree, I have consistently earned significantly more than my degree-holding friends.

But I haven't taken the steps to reach the glorious heights of my own dreams. I have too many ideas and no focus, my mother said, and then I became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

These beliefs are helping me take consistent steps at starting my own business. I'm finally getting close. Sometimes a new perspective is all we need to break the chain of inaction. Send me your list, and let's reach for our dreams together.

The Epiphanies of a Servant

  1. Waiting for the right moment is like waiting for a train at the bus stop, it will never come.

  2. Waiting to be 100% ready is the recipe for never. We will never achieve 100% ready or 100% done. The best in every space are the never-ceasing innovators.

  3. Working in venture capital, I see founders spend years on businesses that fail and others 2 weeks on businesses that crush it. The difference is a quick Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Spending months or years of development is for AFTER you've released your product, not before.

  4. Good ideas, executed properly, will succeed, no matter what "they" say. Smart people turned down investing in a business that arranges overnight lodging at a stranger's house, but the 3 cofounders of Airbnb now have a net worth over $10 billion each. (https://www.businessinsider.com/airbnb-was-rejected-by-seven-investors-in-2008-2015-7)

  5. Overcoming naysayers is one thing, but don't ignore the writing on the wall. Blindly ignoring what others say is the attitude of a simpleton.

  6. Personal growth usually involves some pain. You can waste years trying to mask or avoid it (drugs, alcohol, relationships?) But the pain improves when you bring the wounds out to heal.

  7. Every successful person has failed. You'll never reach your destination if you don't step through failure.

  8. Pick the right business partner or don't get one at all. They will make, break, or suck you dry. The difference between 50 and 51 is HUGE.

  9. Walking in the footsteps of a hero is a great place to start, but until you find your own path, you'll always live in their shadow.

  10. What works for others might not work for you. Spend time finding the answer to three deep questions, "What are my inner fears?", "What do I truly want?", and ""What motivates me?"

  11. You can stay fat your whole life, embarrassed to show up to the gym, or you can go to the gym like a proper fool and get over yourself. You spend so much time worried about what everybody thinks, when most of the time people aren't even thinking about you. This is true in fitness and in life.

  12. Got an idea? Just do the damn thing already. Geez...

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