Course Creators October 12, 2020

Episode 3 of The Course Maker Podcast: Jake of AlgoDaily

Chris Samiullah @ChristopherGS

In episode 3 🚀of the Course Maker Podcast I chatted to Indie Hacker @sciencewolf and the founder AlgoDaily, about how best to approach the dreaded software engineering interviews.

Google/Apple/Spotify links + transcript

Credit where it's due: AlgoDaily is one of the most impressive online course websites I've ever seen.


  • Consider sys admin/solution engineer roles as a way to break into development if you do not have a traditional software engineering background. A lot of these roles also look for non-technical skills.
  • Early on, about 50% of Jake's learning was on-the-job, and 50% was studying off hours.
  • Jake reckons maybe 20% of students prefer a whole mix of learning methods, whereas most people will stick with one format (e.g. video, diagrams, or text).

If you're a technical course author and would like to come on the show, drop me an email with a link to your course: [email protected]

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    This is a really nice idea for a podcast. There's not enough dedicated resources for course makers out there, despite the fact it's a booming industry

    1. 1

      Thanks! Yeah there's quite a few that are just about the business side, but I wanted to do one that was more about "get to know this course creator"

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