Eulogy io - Generate a loved one's eulogy with GPT-3 🤖

Last week I got access to OpenAI's beta program. I also recently bought a 🔥 domain name. So naturally, a side project emerged.

Eulogy.io is a website used to generate ideas for a eulogy or speech about someone. All you need to do is provide a name and short description of the person. Eulogy.io then generates a handful of ideas ready to copy/paste.

Why build this?
I had two deaths in my family when I was young. I know how hard it is to produce anything creative after a loved one passes away. I'm hoping this can help generate a spark of creativity at times when all seems lost.

EDIT: I realize this comes off as a bit weird and morbid. Death is a taboo subject for some.

EDIT2: The majority of the comments were along the lines of... " What kind of sick twisted hell is this!?". I didn't realize people would take it so personally.
Interesting how AI/tech has that effect on us. Anyways, I maxed out the OpenAI free tier limit. At least ppl used it 🤷‍♂️

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    Man, I don't know what to say about your idea. I think this is simply taking it too far... I've had 2 deaths in my youth as well, but I'd never ever use a service like this. I'd rather not say anything, than use GPT-3. I mean, really, if you say something, it has to be personal, how would GPT help with that?

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    A variant to make it a little less personal - offer this service to local news/print outlets when local personalities/celebs pass away. It could be called ObitAI. :) Could basically replace some of the work a very junior person in the news organization would do when a notable someone in the community passes away.

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      Appreicate the feedback!

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    Wow, that's pretty dark.

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      It immediately struck me as one of those deep-fried surrealist memes, but with dystopian overtones.

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    Creative but I think it's missing the point of a eulogy a bit 😳

  5. 2

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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    Yeah, I second what @johnt2021 said. If you can’t actually think of what to say at a eulogy then maybe you shouldn’t be the one saying it. Just food for thought.

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    This is a weird idea. Didn't stop me from having a bit of fun though :P

    I put all negative stuff like "Joe was a monster. He was never good to anyone..." etc etc. And got results like this

    " "Joe was a true American hero and helluva son of a gun. When he died, I kinda shed a tear for the bastard.""

    Needs work. I won't use it, but knowing silicon valley bros who automate everything, maybe there is a market for this...

    It would be interesting to see if we can use gpt-3 to create stuff like sermons.

    What would be really awesome is train gpt-3 to generate standup comedy material! That would be an achievement (if it is funny enough)

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