🦄Even unicorns walk before they run

(From the latest issue of the Marketer Crew Series)


  • Apple gives ground, halving App Store fees to 15% for devs making less than $1 million (Official News)

  • Here is a video tutorial for sending upto 62K emails to unlimited subscribers for $7 using Mailtrain (open source) with amazon SES hosted on AWS. And you can get $5k free AWS credits by getting Secret membership.

  • Abstract API provides powerful APIs to automate common dev tasks. It makes it easy to validate emails, geolocate IPs, calculate VAT, compress images and more. We focus on an awesome dev experience with top documentation and support, and provide free and paid plans.

  • Blobs.app is one of the finest free solution to make blobs.

  • "Advertising is the price you pay for an unmarketable product or service." - Jeff Bezoz (Tweet it)

  • Customers are not only motivated by price, but by many other factors such as quality, risk avoidance, social signaling, and so on. (Tweet it)

  • If at first, you don't succeed, test again! (Tweet it)

  • One day you'll stop being asked what you want to be when you grow up, and instead be asked what you wanted to be. (Tweet it)

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Get more shares by adding click-to-tweet buttons

Brian Dean gets tons of shares on his articles, and he says a significant portion comes from click-to-tweet buttons.

And not only is he getting people to share his content, but he's pre-populating what he wants them to say too. Blog posts are the obvious choice for click-to-tweets but they're useful just about anywhere --- emails, ebooks, you name it. And it's easy to do. Just find the best tip, quote, statistic, or otherwise share-worthy snippet.

Head over to ClickToTweet or Sharelinkgenerator, add what you want the Tweet to say (be sure to link your article and @ mention yourself), and create a link. Then add the link to your post and you're all set.

Posting on competitor feature requests portal

Posting on feature request threads is a great way to acquire early users for your new SaaS. You will get in front of highly targeted leads.

P.S It looks unethical to me.

Leverage open data APIs to get traffic to your product

Karlkong of Mocki went from $0 to $2000/mo within two weeks by leveraging open data APIs.

He needed traffic for his product (a SAT prep SaaS), so he put together a list of questions that his target customers were Googling (e.g. What is the SAT requirement at [university]?).

The next logical step would have been to start writing articles to answer these questions, but Karl took a developer's approach instead.

He found an open data API with tons of relevant data. Then he created webpages with hundreds of automatically generated words, graphs, and tables that provided meaningful answers to the questions.

This quickly moved him up the search rankings and brought in around 10,000 visitors per month. And he capitalized on that traffic by using banners to point these highly-motivated prospects to the product.


  • EmailOctopus - Grow your audience for less with 50% off Pro plans with EmailOctopus. For a limited time only, prices start from just $10/month. It's quick and easy to get started. Features include automated email sequences and list segmentation. Pay monthly and cancel at any time.

  • Evergreen Content Poster - a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a library of unlimited content from your WordPress posts or just content in general (think inspirational quotes, maybe your YouTube videos, etc.) that will be shared to your socials. This way, you can keep on promoting your evergreen content and get more traffic to your site by @hansvangent

  • Wishpy - iOS & Android - build wish lists and registries for your birthday, baby showers, weddings and more by @mdfk

  • logology - Get a designer-quality brand identity for your startup, in 5 minutes, by @dagorenouf and @luciebaratte

  • Senseily - Sell high-quality online courses, grow your audience and increase revenue under your own brand, by @gerardpons and @ricki_io

  • https://acquireassist.com - Get your acquisition done, Productized Micro Private Equity broker for Micro SaaS by @jonwalch and @anilj

  • TapeReal.com -- a vibrant social community and a hot new marketplace for selling your EXCLUSIVE audio/video content by @tapereal


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  2. How Courtland Allen Built Indie Hackers

  3. 120+ resources to learn enterprise sales (collected by Toby Willcocks who closed $1M ARR)

  4. Even unicorns walk before they run

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