Event-based customer knowledge base - what do you think?


  • I was frustrating with my knowledge base for one my SAAS so we came up with https://www.learnd.io/
  • We're looking for beta users at the moment

Value proposition

  • Learnd is designed for SAAS who want to educate their users efficiently, reduce churn, alleviate support teams, and increase MRR

Key features

  • the product is free
  • you can personalize customer experience by linking articles to specific URLs/events
  • notion like editor
  • users don't navigate endlessly to find answers to their problems
  • video demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY6DGj3LdNM

What we need

  • feedback, tell us what you love, what you hate, what you would like
  1. 3

    Some feedback on the onboarding. I feel like I was asked for my website's url 3 or 4 times during setup.

    Did I miss something? Are you looking for different URLs for different things?

    1. 1

      No we don't, we simply ask different ones in order to customize your helpcenter (Atlas) with different clickable links.

      But from what you are saying it seems a little bit aggressive, we will rework the process - thanks a lot

      1. 2

        I really really like this and would like to use it, but I feel right now I can't for reasons that I'll go into in a reply.

        1. 1

          What did you particularly like please ?

          Do you prefer the sidebar mode or the pop-up mode ?

      2. 1

        I think if you just label your forms better it would be ok. I realise now that I am setup you were looking for nav items for the header and footer. This wasn't clear.

        1. 1

          im MLF the dev of Learnd.io. I just updated the label to make it clearer.
          I hope it will be easier to understand

        2. 1

          Thanks, we will shortly push a new version to label forms in a clear way and fix typos

  2. 3

    This is solving a real problem, nice product. Keen to test it out.

    1. 1

      Much appreciate @growthguru, looking forward for your feedback :)

  3. 2

    what's the need to look like Stripe?

    1. 1

      Time was an issue to ship fast, so we inspired our design from Stripe (that we think is elegant) and will now modify it / improve it to find our own style

      A lots of SAAS simply copy each user, we simply don't notice it because it's not as popular as Stripe

      1. 1

        it affects how your potential customers perceived you the first time that they visited. Including confusion, because is uncanny.

        Personally, when I saw the screenshot I thought it had something to do with Stripe.

        When your first users land, if it happens that they know Stripe they will remember Stripe, not your company.

        You have probably lost a potential returning customer...

        1. 0

          Thank you @Michael_Andreuzza, it was definitely a risk to take to ship fast and validate first.

          However, lesson strongly learned here. We will rework and I am sorry to hear that we probably lost you along the way. We'll try our best not to deceive you and other people in the future.

          Much appreciated that you took time to give your feedback for us to become better and not make the same mistake in the near future

  4. 2

    Also... I was pretty deep into onboarding and I hit "back" on my browser and was taken here

    Pretty annoying.

    1. 2

      Not normal, will fix this thank you

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback, its fixed now 🙂

  5. 2

    Hey.. i like the idea and I have some feedback on the landing page itself that I hope will be useful to you.

    I left you some comments on Markup: https://app.markup.io/invite/accept/3lh3GKxm

    The Atlas and Chronos section was very confusing to me. Overall the value prop becomes less clear as I go down the page for me. Personally, I would recommend reworking your main headers and try to reduce the number of words in each sub header too.

    I recommend using the (free) Hemmingway online editor to help kill unecessary adjectives that aren't adding anything to your pitch here for me.

    The biggest issue here for me is that your not nailing WHY the product has value. Your use of adjectives like "frictionless", and "powerful" fail to connect to value or the "job to be done" by prospective customers.

    I would suggest:

    • Focus on ONE user segment. Its currently confusing if it is only for developers or not
    • Try to talk about the benefits and advantages of using the product, rather than just the features
    • reduce and refine the copy
    • stop talking about the solution (a knowledge base) and speak to users' problems (onboarding users, educating, self-service product learning.. etc)
    1. 1

      Woaw, thank you @typeofgraphic for these valuable feedback.

      I will start to invest in your markup asap to make adjustments.

      About Atlas and Chronos:

      • We tried to reinvent the wheel with Atlas and Chronos but I understand how it's confusing as it is simply a widget view and a traditional helpcenter view.

      About segments:

      • We still don't know who will be our ideal persona to start. But thanks to your feedback I see how I can make it more clear.

      About solutions/problems:

      • Agree. When we built the product, it did not feel like we were building a knowledge base but rather a product aimed to improve the problems you mentioned.
      • It's more like a customer experience (support) product than a knowledge base IMHO
      1. 3

        You’re very welcome. It sounds like you have good intuition about who your user is and the problem you’re solving.

        Based on that, would you say your main competition is more likely to be Gitbook or Zendesk?

        1. 1

          As you might already feel, Zendesk

      2. 1

        btw I coach startups and run a private community for a select group. I often do a free landing page analysis like the one I sent you as part of a free first session.


  6. 2

    Am I missing something or is there not a link to the product?

    1. 1

      Guess I was a bit away when I posted 😅, it's fix and here's the link again : https://www.learnd.io/ - Thank you very much @Primer

      1. 3

        Cool - you should probably add it to the main post too.

  7. 2

    I tried to sign up, and I didn't receive any mail :(

    1. 1

      Can you check your spam please ? Everything seems to work on my side :'(

      1. 2

        It arrived now, for some reason it took time.
        I'm gonna try and use the product for my sass app I'm planning to launch soon, I will give you feedback when I finish setting up :)

        1. 1

          Thank you @stolenng, looking forward to hear what you think about it :)

  8. 2

    Your landing page, look awesome !😂

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  9. 1

    Is the bottom of this poppet widget supposed to look like this?

    1. 1

      What OS and browser are you using ?

      1. 1

        Mac OS browser is safari Version 14.1.2 (16611.

    2. 1

      Absolutely not, it should be a small and discrete "Powered by Learnd" - Will fix it in the next update - thanks

  10. 1

    Hey Arnaud I wanted to tell you why I really like this and really want to use it in the future, but can't right now.

    Your knowledge base UI is amazing. it kicks the ass out of zendesk and fresh desk. but the problem is that both zendesk and freshdesk (I used zendesk for 6 months and recently switched to freshdesk) both have ticketing solutions with a built in knowledge base.

    Their knowledge base doesn't look as good as yours by a long way, and your admin section is also much better, but the fact you don't have a ticketing mechanism leaves your product somewhat alienated. In my opinion.

    If you did basic ticketing I'd be with you in a heartbeat.

    1. 2

      @Primer, @appmetrix, @stolenng, @typeofgraphic, @Michael_Andreuzza, @growthguru

      Thank you all for your interest in Learnd, we modified it with your feedback and launched on Product Hunt today!

      Here's the link:


      1. 2

        Upvoted! Good luck 🤞

      2. 1

        Wow Arnaud - you've made so many improvements! Congrats on the launch and all your hard work.

        I love the simple "try it" - really nice way to engage people and get a feel for the brand's tone and playfulness.

        The "easy to integrate" section is super tight - the density of the code example might scare no-coders, but the design is so clean and friendly I think it won't matter much.

        There's a lot of change here to the design - did you hire someone or just take a big step back and rethink it all?

        Value prop is so much clearer too now. I'm not confused by Chronos and other names of things.

        I'll support your launch on PH today, congrats again.

        I recently launched something myself - https://the-poe-things.com
        My goal is to help 100 founders and creators to accelerate their businesses (one way or another) between Nov 1st - Dec 31st 2021.

        I'm recording video feedback and am expanding the private Mastermind group that's been running for several months already. I haven't settled on pricing for the MM group - applications are open if you're looking for a supportive private group :)

        Would love any feedback on the-poe-things.com and the value prop in general as a founder in your position.


        1. 1

          I will give you feedback tomorrow after the product hunt race with pleasure Paul :)

          1. 2

            Thanks :)

            Up to No.3 on PH! Man.. i feel nervous & excited for you, can't imagine how you feel ! I'm betting on your making it all the way to No.1

            1. 1

              I know it's crazy! I believe we might end up number 3 or 4 but we'll see :D

    2. 1

      Hey Mick, as always thanks for this stellar feedback!

      We are currently thinking how we can build an effective ticketing system, even for us it would avoid long threads like this one 😅

      We would like to improve the ticketing experience on both sides (for the user and for you). Are they things you don't like about current ticketing solutions ?

      We are also considering chat integrations (and/or our own) as a last resort for users who don't find straight away the correct answer to their problem. However, we still don't know what to do and we were actually waiting for beta users feedback to decide!

      1. 2

        First of all, I do really really like what you're doing here. The UI for your helpdesk is so much nicer



        https://support.songbox.com (this is Freshdesk)

        For ticketing, on zendesk and freshdesk there is FAR too much complexity. I would go for an MVP that lets user submit tickets with a basic FROM, SUBJECT and BODY form template, show them on a dashboard for the business users to see and allow them to be go back and forth with the customer and then mark them done. There is so much going on with the big ticketing systems just now. Far too much "stuff" for most companies to use I think.

        1. 1

          Alright, thank you for everything! We will look at the different options and build accordingly. I'll keep you posted.

          See you around Mick! (btw I lived in Glasgow for a year as a student and loved it)

          1. 1

            Nice one!

            Let me know of developments. I'll be checking in.

  11. 1

    I didn't understood the pricing section. All the plans are free now. So the users who will register now will have to pay for it in future?

    1. 1

      @appmetrix, we just launched with no free plan. All the features available right now will be and will stay free in the future if with implement a paid plan.

      So basically, you can use the product without thinking about paying it in the future

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