Every SaaS needs a niche. Here's how I found mine.

This is my second week of building a startup in public in my MVP Sprint. Thanks for all the love on my last update!

From idea to revenue

Last week I chose a problem to work on. This week, I argue for why it’s important to niche down; then walk through the process of doing it myself.

The MVP Sprint - Steps

Start small

Lots of world-changing unicorns started by niching down:

I only need ten users

Right now my startup is nothing but an idea and some words scribbled here on the internet. My first goal is to find ten users that love my product.

Since I don’t need a huge market to hit this modest milestone, I get to take advantage of all the benefits of serving a small niche:
Advantages of niching down

Choosing my niche

Let’s quickly revisit my problem:

Starting with the broad umbrella of “remote worker”, there are three directions in which I could niche down:
Niche categories

Here’s the niche I chose

Winning Niche

After choosing my niche, my problem now looks like this:

Niched-down problem

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Step #2 - Even unicorns walk before they run

Next week

I’m going to validate the problem in the context of those users. I’ll attempt to answer:

  1. Is it a real problem?
  2. What are users doing today to try and solve it?

Have any tips or feedback? Please share!

The biggest benefit of building in public is getting real-time feedback as I go. I'd love to hear your feedback on the problem, my process of niching down, or anything else.

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  1. 5

    Cool write up(nice graphics). Excited to see where you are next week

  2. 2

    Second site I found your series on. You're really hitting the pavement :P Well done, following.

    1. 1

      haha I'm trying to! Just curious, what was the other one?

      1. 2

        Over on Reddit, you're week 2 post on /startup.

  3. 1

    Excellent article. Good luck with this journey!

  4. 1

    Thanks. I'm dealing with this challenge and this helps a lot. I like the idea of tying a niche to a business target; it helps give more consideration to small niches that could fit into a family photo.

    1. 2

      Yea, niche definitely has tons advantages for Indie Hackers especially.

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