Everyday 100~200 new organic downloads are good or average numbers for iOS app?

My simple desk clock app getting organic downloads like this. And I monetised with very less interstitial ads which occur rarely because I don't want to distract user by ads and still I put the in-app purchase of $1.99 to remove ads.

So tentatively I'm making $150~$200 a month by selling In-app purchase + Ads revenue.

I'm just a developer and don't know about marketing and business. So I want to ask where I'm with this app?

I'm excited to know your thoughts. Also, I appreciate if I get an idea about how I can grow with these numbers.

App - https://retroclock.page.link/minimalist

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    I believe this article will help you to boost your organic growth @suniltarge

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      @CanAkhan Awesome blog :) Thank you!

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        You're welcome @suniltarge, the blog is always up to date with news, updates, and guides that help a lot to step up to the world of ASO.

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    I have 6 iOS apps, one gets around 150-200 downloads a day and my ad revenue and iAP revenue are very comparable to yours. My other apps get 0-10 downloads each, and have pretty low revenue. So, is 150ish DL's a day good? Based on my experiences of having 5 major failures, I think it's not too bad, but even then $150.00 a month won't go very far where I live.

    In the long-run, retention % and DAU will be more important than downloads. My retention rate after 30 days is only around 2%. If it were like 90% 100+ DL's a day for a year or two would go a very long way towards growing revenue.

    Concerning the IAP to remove ads, I charge $2.99. In the past I've tried $0.99, and $1.99. I didn't notice any difference at all in the number of people willing to pay $2.99 versus $0.99. I haven't tried charging more than $2.99, maybe I'm too cheap. I'm getting about 1-2% of people who Dl the app to pay for removing ads currently.

    About how many users are paying to remove ads in your app?

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      @solosquad Yes, DAU and retention rate play an important role than just DL numbers.
      Looks like my retention % is also same as yours after 30d and about 3% of people who Dl the app to pay for removing ads currently.

      Normally, IAP works well if offers more perk than just remove ads.

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    100-200 downloads a day is good imho. Try playing around with the pricing by increasing it for 2 weeks and check the ratio of IAP to downloads until you find the best pricing for your app.

    150 dl/day x 30 days = 4500 dl/month
    4500 * 0.03 (3% conversion) = 135 IAP
    135 * $2 = $270 before Apple's cut

    If you change the price to $5 and conversion drops to 2%:
    4500 dl/month * 0.02 = 90 IAP
    90 * $5 = $450 before Apple's cut

    Another tip is to add extra features for paid users. You want users to feel like they are getting benefits from paying. Paying to get rid of ads isn't a good feeling. It feels more like a tax. Ads aren't worth it unless you get huge amounts of downloads. Personally, I never put ads in my apps. There are better ways to monetize.

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      Hey Tayson, Thank you very much for this great analysis and suggestions.

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    Hi. I think the app looks amazing. I like the idea and the UI very much.
    I think you can experiment a little bit with your pricing, as you're getting steady organic downloads. Personally I think people would pay more than $1.99 for an ad free experience.

    Promote your app on places like reddit, producthunt, etc. I think that should bring a fair amount of traffic.

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      Hi @rofws, Thanks, you like this simple app idea. And yes I'm thinking to promote on these platforms too : )

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    Link isn't working for me on mobile. That seems like solid numbers though! Better than mine haha

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