No-Code February 13, 2020

Examples of profitable no-code businesses

James Michael @mentalmodels

Has anyone actually managed to build a profitable business using no code tools?

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    I've driven DesignJoy to almost $250k in revenue in 2.5 years completely by myself and it's growing like wild fire. My expenses total $75/m and I'm generating $7.5k this month, so yeah it's definitely possible.

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      Hey!, I love your business idea, what builder did u use it?

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        Webflow + Memberstack 🌝

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          If you do not mind, can you tell me how did you make it? how do you handle the requests? did you use a plugin in webflow?(i do not have used webflow ever)

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    I believe the early versions of were built using Webflow. And there isn't a strong reason the current version of the site couldn't just use Webflow, too.

    Also,'s back end was entirely Airtable, Slack, Zoom, and Notion for quite some time. Not sure if they hit a breaking point or if they're still doing it that way.

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    Very profitable. I believe the founder posts on here as well.

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      Sure but that's a meta example, since it's a no code side about how to build no code products.

  4. 2 is a Webflow-only shop and is extremely profitable.

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    Not me personally, but is built off of and is a pretty successful marketplace

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    Some examples of companies on Bubble:,,,, but it'll require logging in and using the web app. But these are very real business, who's web app is the core of the business!

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      Dividend Finance has raised $300m+ also from bubble foundes twitter^tfw"

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    We don't only use no code tools but we're pretty profitable already at

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    🙋‍♂️Most apps actually have a no-code approach in my opinion, at least in the sense of reducing the technical knowledge required to execute a task (and this evolves over time).

    So for example, if we consider design tools to be no-code, then nearly all businesses in the world use no-code tools on a daily basis.

    And considering that making a business profitable requires many different skills, I would say that no-code tools are actually the norm.