Design and UX October 13, 2020

Examples of web apps that nail keyboard-shortcuts?

George Norris @george

I'm starting to add keyboard shortcuts to my MVP.

I've been trying to keep the keymaps intuitive (e.g. ⌘S for saving) but at the same time I want to be cautious not to overwrite the default browser behavior (e.g. ⌘N for new would override new browser window === bad).

Are there any examples of Webapps that are really good at keyboard-shortcuts?
I personally love Trello's keyboard system, but I'm trying to find more examples. Thanks.

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    Only YouTube come to my mind, with j-k-space and not the whole keymap.

    I don't know about the app so just as a general suggestion there are people who are familiar (some of them very familiar) with vim key-bindings. If your app something document-based, you may get some inspiration over there.

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    Check out Roam Research. You can get a free trial and they have an keyboard info icon in the bottom right where you can see all the shortcuts. They have a lot as it's a note taking tool.

    good luck with the project!

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