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Excellent (Free) Keyword Research Tool for CPC & SEO

I just discovered this Chrome Extension that gives you keywords based on Google Autocomplete.

The extension is called "SeoStack Keyword Tool" — grab it here:


Google Autocomplete is the predictive type-ahead feature where Google suggests (predicts) words as you type. Here's how that works: https://blog.google/products/search/how-google-autocomplete-works-search/

The SEOStack extension is super convenient. It launches their interface where you type in your seed keyword & a few other parameters. You can get keywords from Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, and DuckDuckGo.

You can also export as .csv, plus launch your search into Google AdPlanner to get historic volume data and CPC prices. Pretty cool.

Plus it's free. Reply to this thread if you had a good experience with it!

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    I would love to try this.

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    Wow, nice! Thank you a lot. It will be beneficial for many people who have to do their sites. For a good and efficient business, this is a crucial step. I can say that making a good interface and good content is not so easy. Lol, from my experience. I am not so creative and skillful at this topic. This could be the downside of my company. Many people recommended I ask for help from a marketing team like the one you mentioned. It is a perfect idea. Thank them a lot. In my case, https://myonlineguy.com.au/about/ helped me with all my issues. Thanks to them, now the website looks great. :)

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