Growth January 14, 2020

Experience with Twitter chats?

Arrigo Lupori @Arrigo

Hey guys,

I just had my first Twitter chat today and it was a positive experience. I participated in a 30-min chat called #ContentClubUK and I gained a lot of momentum with people in my industry (content marketing).

The follower count "only" went up by 6 at the end of the session (getting good followers on Twitter is really hard!), but I was also overwhelmed by the new format. I've never done anything like this before. I'm sure that I'll be more successful at it next time.

What do you think of Twitter chats?
Are they a valuable way to build a follower base?


PS: I used TweetDeck to manage the madness because it was impossible for me to see the messages coming in real-time using the normal Twitter interface.

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