Experience working as Affiliate Tracking Expert

Hi, I have been working online for almost 6 years and I love exploring new stack regularly. I have started affiliate marketing tracking services on Upwork and this is helped me explore new stack very quickly.

I am curious to know if I am the only one who tends to work on something new every time or you guys feel the similar? is this something wrong with me?

Friends around me tend to stick to what they are doing and very afraid of jumping into new stuff?

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    What do you mean by affiliate tracking services?

    It would be nice if we can connect. I run an affiliate management platform

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      Sure, Feel free to add me on SKYPE: alipetarian9090 or EMAIL: [email protected]

      I have been actively helping my clients with integration different tracking softwares with their landing pages and affiliate networks.

      Following is the list of the tasks/Projects I have completed so for.

      1. Redtrack integration with wordpress website to track Buyerzone Leads via Google Tag Manager
      2. Redtrack Integration with Wordpress Website to track Home Advisor Leads via S2S Postback
      3. Redtratrck integration with Wordpress Website to track Networx leads via pixel tracking
      4. Voluum integration with custom landing page to track custom conversions
      5. Voluum integration with Clickbank and facebook ads via API.
      6. Media buying with Active Revenue and redtrack.
      7. Leadspedia integration with instapage
      8. Voluum Direct Tracking Pixel with Reactjs/Nextjs
      9. Bemob integration with CJ.com via custom server
      10. Helping with setting up he CPA Product on PerfromCB, Maxbounty, FlexOffers as an Advertiser via Voluum

      In addition to this, I have also start promoting different affiliate offers for myself from Maxbounty, and Click Dealer as an affiliate using different traffic sources like Voluum DSP, Propeller Ads, and Active Revenue.

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    I don’t think you’re the only one, I love exploring new technologies and stacks.

    I think freelancing gives you the freedom to do that, if you work on a product on the other end you are kind of stuck with what you’ve started with (also if you work as an employee you are somehow stuck working with the tech your boss chooses)

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      Great. Thanks for your reply.

      What's the technology stack you are in love with?

      I am new to indiehackers. Do we have any special group here on indie where can post whenever we find something new.

      By the way, I found something new today related to Static Site Generation with Wordpress. I have recorded a short tutorial, might be helpful.

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