Experienced B2B entrepreneur offering free advice


I have built and sold 3 companies. I have a technical and product background but my deepest area of expertise is probably marketing and sales. Although as a CEO of 3 companies during 10 years I have experience in many fields like finance, hiring, etc.

Two of those companies were B2B and a third was B2B2C. You can find all that information in my LinkedIn profile.

I'm in a phase in which I want to build a new company, but since I don't know how long it will take me to get there (I'm iterating some ideas), I'm available to share my knowledge with people for free. Be it feedback or sharing ideas about marketing or sales strategies... or really anything you want to ask me.

Why? Because it's fun to give, and it's fun to see more things beyond what I do every day. Because I will also learn from your decisions, your mistakes, and different perspectives.

If you think I can be of any use for you, just reach me out on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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    Hey JB, would be great to chat. I’m the founder of a B2B Web Accessibility SaaS platform. https://www.Tenably.app

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    Hey JB,

    I'm curious to know what's your biggest pain when starting new projects?

    Is it idea validation? Finding developers? Initial traction?

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      In my previous company I had some capital that allowed me to do some hiring. I hired employees and I would award a few of them with equity. New ventures would be supported by the best employees.

      I think next time I may do slightly different.

      My biggest pain atm is the cost of opportunity. After this, it probably is finding the right idea. I have defined a pool of ideas in a trello board and then I have another trello that describes the steps to validate each idea. The possibilities are endless...

      I may struggle to find the right technical partner eventually this time, since I’m not under the “umbrella “ of any company now.

      I think I may start looking for a technical partner when I have a clear idea of the idea and its demand -and the underlying tech stack-. The current remote work culture could make things easier though, we are not limited to our town or even continent anymore. -although I recognize partnering up with a stranger is not possible-

      I have started recently to think about building something new, talking to people etc. it may happen that I get to know partners on the way. Hopefully that will happen.

      I’m not sure if all that was any useful 🤪

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    Hi @jrbayguade just sent you a DM on Twitter.

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    Thanks for the offer JB. I'm about to launch a B2B slack app and I'm looking forward to connecting to fellow makers. I just added you on linkedin

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      Great. Looking forward to speaking with you

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      This comment was deleted a month ago.

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    Hey, just sent you a connection request and DM on LinkedIn!
    Can't wait to speak with you :D

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    Hi JB, just followed you on twitter!

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    Just reached out on Twitter. Thanks for helping like that :)

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      I hope I can be useful!

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    Awesome! Thank you for offering your advice, I reached out to you on LinkedIn!

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    Much appriciated.
    Please check my DM on LinkedIn

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    thank you so much for doing this!

    I just followed you and will DM you for sure :)

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