Exploring vs. Planning vs. Doing

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    If you need to mix “doing” and “exploring” within a single two-hour session, start with “doing” for the first hour, and only after go into “exploring”, and never the other way around.

    ☝️ This is huge! Never heard it put so clearly, but it's something that I need to do better. I can get caught "exploring" for hours and never get to a resolution and therefore don't really "do anything".

    TY TY TY!

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      Thanks for the feedback!

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    I've seen similar on the hard shift from planning to doing. Something I've seen a few people mention for daily planning is to plan your next day the night before. This way, you already have tasks lined up to start for the day.

    Can't say I've done well sticking to this but it's serving as a code reminder to get back to it!

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      You're right, having tasks lined up in advance makes a huge difference. I'm doing a weekly planning session, sort of a sprint planning but only for my own personal backlog. So far it's paying off.

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