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Extension developers have made over $5000 with my project!

Extension developers have made over $5000 with my project!

I made a service for browser extension developers that makes it really easy to take payments for extensions: ExtensionPay.com

Since I released it earlier this year over 150 developers have signed up and a subset of those have released their extensions with ExtensionPay. These developers have collectively made over $5000 and it's growing every day.

I'm really happy I've gotten to provide a useful service to folks. As an extension developer myself I know how daunting the task of taking payments in extensions is — it takes weeks of work and requires paying to run a backend. And for some extensions it's not even clear if users are willing to pay for the functionality so those will be weeks of wasted work. I like that ExtensionPay basically eliminates the risk to trying out paid extension functionality.

(It also turns out browser extensions can totally make money. I wrote an article about extensions that make money here if you'd like to read it.)

Anyway, I'm still experimenting with the pricing, marketing, and functionality for ExtensionPay. So far people have really enjoyed using the service. I'm hoping to rank higher in search engine traffic and would love any tips folks have for how to do that.

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    I'm a happy user of ExtensionPay, and it was really easy to install it and start getting payments without even having a backend.

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