Facebook ads swipe resource

Hey all,

I've been wondering about this ever since I got interested in learning how to create ads, but all of my searchings didn't result in anything. I was wondering if there is a resource somewhere that displays ads for inspiration that allows us to filter by whatever terms are relevant to us. I know about Facebook's ad library which works but finding inspiration can be harder because you are searching for the Facebook page, not the ads themselves.

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    I have told about 10 people who do FB ad services to build it no one has yet :(

    I want something like https://saaspages.xyz/ for different types of ads.

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      Exactly! Although a couple of things might hinder production. 1. Not sure of the legalities of taking someone's ad and displaying it on your website. Since they created the art, they own the copyright. 2. There might be a way to scrape data from the Facebook ad library but I'm sure Facebook wouldn't be happy about that and would probably sue you. That being said I might be the 11th person to at least look into it.

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        I would pay for my ads to be listed on a site like that. Seems like free marketing.

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