Facing issues while dealing with user queries, can someone help? 🤔

Hey guys!

So I'm facing a issue while dealing with user queries lately.

I have setup multiple support channels like email support, slack community and live chat for Ruttl. This ensures that users have several available options to connect with me and my support team. It has been going pretty well and this has been helping me a lot in product validation process.

However, because of these multiple channels available, it is slowly becoming difficult to keep a track of each message. I'm getting everything from queries, bug updates to feature requests. As a result, there are times when certain messages go unnoticed or I simply miss out on replying/updating them about the status of their issue.

How do I devise a system to keep a track of this and ensure that this doesn't happen? I'd really like to see how other founders are dealing with this particular issue, so do share your ideas down below! 👇

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    It needs to be singular for you. Everything should go to a single point like a support email address regardless of where it originated. So something like Zapier or some automation tool to bring everything together would help.

    In-app live chat is different, that needs to be monitored at all times, but public website live chat should be just for sales queries.

    Personally, I use HubSpot (a cheap startup deal last year). Probably very expensive for a larger team.

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    I would recommend something like zen desk or fresh desk. I am running support on Songbox with the free fresh desk plan. I tried zen desk for 6 months but it is comically expensive once the free trial ends.

    check out https://freshdesk.com

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    For feature requests, use a dedicated tracker such as Noora (https://noorahq.com). You don't really need to do much besides let your customers post and discuss on there. The most popular ideas are ones you can dive into more to see if they are aligned with your vision before taking further.

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    Remove slack. Use services like Intercom or Chatra which will combine email+chat.
    Intercom has startup plan, which should work well for you: https://www.intercom.com/early-stage

    Tag chats/mails based on category, say bugs. File those once a week in your bug tracking tool (acknowledge them immediately) and close the tickets.

    The problem I am seeing here is having multiple systems. You have to bring it down to a single system.

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    We are facing a similar issue with PriceWell. We've started asking that requester to open a support request so we can deal with everything there.

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    I'd set a clearer purpose for the Slack channel - make it clear it's for P2P help.

    If you see a bug in Slack, say something like "That shouldn't be happening - please open a bug (here) and we'll resolve it for you".

    Same for roadmap requests - you can point users to a specific roadmap tool.

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    Remove slack support. I mean, we don't see proper Startups supporting on slack. Maintain the slack community but request them to pass through other channels for support alone. As you grow bigger support through slack is not possible at all.

    Think of what will you do to setup a customer support team in your company. You will get ideas to streamline.

    Good luck to you Harsh!

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    I'd use zapier, connect all my support channels to my issue tracking system (could be notion) and tag issues based on keywords in message so that certain team members can look into certain type of issues.

    Then check the issue tracking system time to time. If some query looks like a bug, create a bug report for team, delete the issue. If it's a feature request, do the needful and delete/tag the issue after responding customer with probably an ETA.

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