Fake users on Product Hunt?

I've gotten a little boost in purchases of my app since I got into the top 10 on PH one day, which I am super thankful for. However, I've realized there are a lot of fake users on the site. Every day I notice a handful of generic comments from users with very generic job descriptions.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been contacted by people over email telling them they can boost PH numbers for a fee.

Just thought I'd share this out there with people so they understand how PH works a little bit.

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    I've launched my platform 3 months ago on PH and I got several emails which say that we can make your app in top 3 for $2k. I simply rejected it. Whenever I see thousands of upvote, I remember that they have purchased bots to upvote their products. For example, an android app got +1000 upvotes after launch. Android app has still 100+ downloads after a week. It proves everything. : )

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    There are quite a few, mostly because PH became a good platform to launch your product on and get a boost of customers. The good news is that PH updated their algorithm a long time ago to effectively spot fake users that only upvote and generally have a smaller grade of organic engagement (ie. comments, upvote on comments).

    Companies that contact you with the promise that they will get the product featured, or if it's already featured, are ones that will only start posting your PH post everywhere on the internet: FB groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, forums, and so on. I don't think it's a good way to promote your product or brand. They are sure to win some money from you, but it's not very clear whether it will be worthwhile for you.

    I suggest spending this money on high quality content on your blog rather which will provide long term benefits, as opposed to the unlikely possibility of a short term gain.

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    I launched https://saasmanual.com on PH and also got a bunch of folks reach out to me, promising to get the product up to #1-4 for anywhere between $150,- and $2.5k. They would have totally done this with fake accounts. I declined the offers and just went with the flow.

    If you are curious, here how the launch went, including the attempted cheaters: https://saasmanual.com/articles/launching-on-product-hunt/

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    Y U DO DIS!?

    I've wasted another good 10 hours after checking Product Hunt sock puppets? again. At this point I'm not even sure how to document it or is that even worth it. One thing that I'm certain of I'm in the wrong business. I have to reconsider fundamentals.

    Once I was thinking about a newsletter listing page similar to PH (niche it down boi niche it down), someone told me "who's searching for it". And he was totally right. 10s of newsletter curation sites built so far and they don't generate a single traffic.

    Who's actually checking Product Hunt. Who has that money that they'll visit a site in a daily basis to spend on the newest shiny thing, how do they have the same interests. 🤷‍♂️ Not talking about a single person. If not all top 5 usually sees a spike in the traffic and sales. That number is possibly less than 1/10 PH's daily revenue...

    How many times do you visit PH when you're not launching,
    how many votes you've casted,
    how many products you've signed in.

    Even Musty's Burger Homemade Beef Sauce gets 72 upvotes, hover over the voters. :)

    Accounts get deleted but the votes remain. 👏

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    Anything that can be gamed will be :) PH is such great distribution, it was only a matter of time.

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      Thanks for sharing that.

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