False Consensus Effect ❓


Today, We will be talking about False Consensus Effect ❓.

What is it?

It is defined as our tendency as individuals to overestimate the level at which other people share their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

False consensus effect is a type of bias in which we think that our own opinions, attitudes, beliefs, etc. are common and appropriate, so that others must also feel the same way.

Example -

If you believe a particular favorite TV show is funny, you will tend to overestimate the number of other people like you who also believe that program is funny relative to those who do not.

It is similar to we believing that everyone thinks the same which is not always the case.

Where does it occur?

People with which we regularly communicate with or remain in touch with are often like us in some kind of ways. Therefore, sometimes we use our knowledge of those similarities to make judgments or estimations of additional ways in which our friends, classmates, or other people, might be similar to us.

Not to mention the fact that it is often easier for us to remember instances in which other people agreed with us about something rather than disagreed with us. It also act as a mechanism to boost up our own self-esteem!

Why do I need to know?

False Consensus Effect can lead you to believe in certain ‘fake’ policies or conditions which you think everyone in your circle will agree with which will NOT be the case.


It will NOT always be the case where everyone will think like you in certain situations. Take it as a positive way. Entertain their new perspectives.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because they agreed on some mutual topic of interest, they’ll love something else as well because you do.

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