Landing Page Feedback February 16, 2020

Family Graves Map landing page

Paweł Madej @PawelMadej

Hello hackers,

I would like to know your opinion about landing page of my very first iOS app - Family Graves Map.

What do you like? What should I make better?

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    Landing page is a bit lackluster. It would probably be better to just use one of the countless free landing page templates out there and start tweaking it:

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      Thanks for link. I will definitely look at this examples

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    The LP is very straight forward.
    How often am I, as a potential user, going to use the app? Once a year?
    I would explicitly mention the $1.99 is a one time payment.

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      Well it depends but I think the base will be at least one time a year or when you visit living family out of your home town.

      Thank you for suggestion about explicit statement about one time pricing.

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    Now this is a niche.

    Where are you getting the data from? Is it all user-provided?

    Seems like you should be pursuing partnerships with funeral homes, churches, and cemeteries for both data gathering and user acquisition.

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      All data is user provided on first visit or by sharing with others (not directly but share feature is available)

      This kind of partnership I could only do in my home town. Rather not globally unfortunately I think. But thank you for suggestion.

      Yep this app is totally niche market but I find it very useful.

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        If it works in your hometown, it can work elsewhere too. Use the happy partners you'll make in your hometown as references when reaching out by phone or email later.

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          I think as starting point about some qr code advertising on cemetery gates to drive people to landing page or directly to Appstore

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