Featured on Reddit: fcc-offline - Learn to code without the internet

Hey guys,

8+ years ago, I'd write down things on a paper (or a txt file on a USB). Then drive a bicycle 10kms to the nearby internet cafe to download things. I also started learning to code in the internet cafe.

I remember gamers in the shop were complaining, all the time. Because I made the whole internet cafe lagging.

2 days ago, someone reached out to me and ask for learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript resources. I pointed him to freeCodeCamp. But he said, not always have access to the internet.

I've been there, and I believed it.

I started working on fcc-offline: learn freeCodeCamp lesson without the internet. I posted and get featured on hot posts, subreddit r/SideProject (currently 40 points)

One interesting thing, someone people find useful it for when on a 10hrs flight (I coded on an 8 hours flight too)

Though, my first and the main goal is to help people with low-resources, for free.

I'll opensource the code very soon. Contributions will be super helpful to quickly improve and adding more lessons.

Please let me know or open an issue if you are up for contributions

Live demo: Responsive Web Design
Github: fcc-offline on Github

I send the demo to the one reached out to me 2 days ago, here is his feedback

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    Thanks for this post Hieu. This reminds me when I started programming (90s). We had no internet at all.

    The way to learn? Books

    What if I had errors? Ask for colleagues

    1. 1

      @Leo, thanks for check out the project

      In my case, I started learning programming by myself (through online blogs/articles, one of the reasons I love blogs). There wasn't a class teaching programming. Besides, it'd be hard for some people (including me) to understand without typing down codes and see the results

      I admire that you can learn programming through books (I believe you will practice at some point)

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