February 2021 Income Report: $3,549.20 (+1061.43%)

This month was 10x last month's side project earnings. Here's are summary of things that were different about this month:

Here's a breakdown of my side income:

Total: $3,549.20

I think this month was a bit of an anomaly. I don't expect other months to do that well. But, I am working on SEO for the vim course. I'm also not actively promoting the Product/Tool Feedback. That's really only for random people who DM me on Twitter asking me to try their product.

Additional Context on Product/Tool Feedback

I started it at $100 not expecting the person to buy it, but then they did! I raised the price to $250 after and people have still expressed interest. My plan is to keep increasing it after each purchase until I hit $1000. I don't expect people to buy it, but if someone really wants it they will. It's more of a "if I do this, it has to be super worth it for both of us because it's taking away from other things like indie hacking and working on courses."

Note: the percentage increase is a little bit off because last month I was counting income as revenue minus fees. That is becoming more difficult so I switched to only counting revenue.

Until next month!

  1. 2

    I am really suprised that the royalty reward from Egghead isn't that much. How does it compare if you do your own YT channel?

    1. 1

      Well, to be fair, I haven't made any new videos in a while. I made a React Hooks course and a Figma course but those are getting old now 😂

      Good question about YT. Not sure, I'd have to look or chat with someone who has monetized their channel. Either way, might just use YouTube more so for marketing purposes.

      1. 2

        Oh, then those are pretty much passive incomes for you! That's good! I thought you are actively contributing to it but just get less than $200, that doesn't sound fair 😅

  2. 2

    Keep up the progress @jsjoeio!

    QQ - I've been thinking about youtube collaborations for my productivity tool Brutask as well. Can you share how you went about with the same for Vim? Might help me out a lot!


    1. 1

      Thanks @siddhitaupare!

      Sure! It went something like this:

      1. Friend suggested idea
      2. I created a shared google doc and wrote a script
      3. We each filmed our parts separately
      4. I sent him the video/audio in a google drive folder
      5. He made the final edits and published on his channel

      I hope that helps!

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot! Yes, that was surely helpful!

  3. 1

    That's great, congrats, Joe!

    As someone who also recently hit ATH revenue for his startup (actually it's been 2 months in a row), do you fear not being able to replicate this every month?

    Surely the exponential growth has to stop at some point, no?

    1. 1

      Absolutely! I mean the past two days, I've had 0 sales for my vim course. I don't expect to be able to replicate this every month, but I would like to make it stead or more predictable. Might be hard with an info-product though.

      If I asked you the same question, what would you say?

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