February Income: $675 (173% Increase)

I earned $675 in February from my Side Project - Swipe Directory

All of the income is affiliate earnings.

Swipe Directory is a curated collection of more than 170+ resources and tools in Marketing & Growth.

This was my earnings throughout the period of 9 months.


Month Total Earnings (in $)
July 2020 $80.96
Aug 2020 $103.53
Sep 2020 $90.49
Oct 2020 0.00
Nov 2020 $191.23
Dec 2020 $110.40
Jan 2021 $247.83
Feb 2021 $675.26
March 2021 (Current) $107.76

My expectations are $200/monthly.

Next Steps

  • I didn't promote this anywhere via advertising. It was just word of mouth, sharing on Twitter, Emails & Forums.
  • I will be thinking of running FB ads ( A bet that I don't know if it will work or not)

Let's see how it goes.

Do let me know in the comments if you have any questions for me. Happy to answer :)

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