February Retro: "The Flop" - $3258 profit, down 55% from Jan

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    useless sack of

    Dude no! You have made more than one thing that turned a profit. Holy shit, most of us are here floundering around with project after project failing. I've built about 10 different things and I only made $693 last year from my efforts.

    Your IH podcast episode was such a huge inspiration to me. It wasn't "famous newsletter hustler has one billion followers" it was "a real person conjured ramen money from thin air using code."

    Thank you very much for sharing, it is really valuable and humbling to read this. Keep going!

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      Haha, thanks for the encouragement and glad you enjoyed the podcast!

      I once heard @robwalling talk about the "Arrival Fallacy" - which I think of as saying "once I get to XXXX revenue/customers/whatever I'll be happy" and then once you arrive there you never are. I often reflect on how true and insightful that is, and try my best to combat it (it's hard).

      Anyway, thanks for the reminder that wherever I am, there's someone out there who's able to look up to that. Which reminds me: probably most of the folks on here would be stoked with $693! (I know I was my first year doing indie). Keep going!

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        The arrival fallacy is one of those you never outrun, but it helps if you take a moment to celebrate your wins when they come, and be thankful no matter the stage of your journey.

        I know that sounds like something you should stitch on a pillow, but it’s how I’ve learned not to be focused on striving for my next goal to the detriment to my life today. You want to find the balance of wanting more while being thankful for what you already have.

        I’ve mentioned the Arrival Fallacy many times over the years, if you want to hear more about it one of those mentions is about 23 minutes into this episode: https://www.startupsfortherestofus.com/episodes/episode-234-8-things-we-wish-we-knew-when-we-started-out

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    Fascinating, thanks! (Also I signed up for SaaS Pegasus, so that's a content marketing win?)

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      Haha, thanks! I'll try to use your email address wisely. ;)

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