Feedback and constructive criticism welcome!

Hello everyone 👋

I hope all is well! I am the Founder and Software Engineer at my startup SaaS, EndorseFlow. Our tool aims to further streamline the collaborative proofing process for creative teams and freelancers from all over the world, on any device.

I got the idea back in August 2020, when I was struggling to find something such as this for a particular task, that lived up to what I wanted it to do, and most importantly, being user-friendly and modern. I have a background in software development, and I believe I am well-versed in that area.

We have a landing page, that I'd simply like to get out there a bit more while the main application is still being developed by myself. Feedback helps create a better, more modern, and eye-catching website for users or passers-by - so if you have anything to add, please kindly let me know in the comments.

You can view the site here, https://endorseflow.com

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