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    As a consumer I'm not really interested in paying for an app on top of paying for an actual parking fine. If I receive a parking fine, I'm not likely to think "I must go and find an app to pay this", let alone pay for such an app if I find one. What I'll actually do: just follow the (usually easy) payment instructions included with whatever notice I receive.

    For the other cases mentioned, I can't imagine police officers relying on the person/suspect having a specific app installed after ordering them to stop their vehicle. They don't even know the identity of the driver until they ask for it. They may also need to confirm photo id in some countries.

    If this is an area you're interested in, I suggest you start by exploring real pains experienced by traffic enforcement teams. They will potentially pay for your app and push drivers to use it if necessary. Alternatively focus on finding solutions for the pains of drivers in a way that doesn't depend on the cooperation of the traffic officers. But I suspect you'll find it hard to find many people who have enough interaction with traffic officers for it to be a real pain they're going to pay for a solution to. There may be a niche with law firms that specialize in overturning traffic fines?

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      Yeah I agree with most points here, as a citizen. I would be mad that my tax dollars are being spent on the government contract that you have with this 'app'. The I have to download it, and pay for it to download it. I would be furious and attending every city council meeting until this was not the case.

      I also agree with Police need to identify who they are citing. Again as a citizen I would be pissed off, if I didn't agree to the citation. Like now, you have to sign the citation when you get it. At least that is how it is here in the USA.

      I think where you have found you market here, is the citation paying system. Paying fines and citations is usually on a crappy government website. If you could facilate that with a good user experience, and make the governments job easier in the collection of those fines. You might have something there.

      How would you update a persons driving record once the fine was paid? You would probably have to integrate with the states database or something like that. Sounds like some hoops to jump through, because that is how anything with government is.

      Yet, if you could pull this off. You'd have a honey hole for sure.

      Best of luck, keep us updated.

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        Thanks for your response... but be honest this IS enterprise software for Law Enforcement agencies. It'll be linked to ALL municipalities, so the updates will update as they are paid I think the other respondants didn't quit grasp that.!

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    Wow, that's an interesting problem to work on
    Your main work would be with the gov. Side, I don't think they care much about you LP

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