Feedback for landing page (privacy service)

This is the first project I have "built" as an IndieHacker. Its super light on code and automation right now. I want to test the proposition and ensure my landing page is doing a good job!


  1. What does this service do, in your own words?
  2. How does it do it?
  3. Who do you think would use it? (Give name if famous, otherwise describe this persona)
  4. Reasons people might not use it?
  5. What question are you left with after reading this page?

BONUS: Am I making any noob mistakes with the landing page design and content? How could it be improved?

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    I like, definitely needed. So easy to give dummy emails, less so with numbers. I've tried the random number sites and they generally don't work.

    The thing I'm not sure about is why I should trust your site? Your users are going to be the more suspicious type - the people who don't readily want to be tracked or give out information.

    1. 1

      Thank you for the kind words! And yes great point about trust and my target users being more discerning. How trustworthy did you find the site on first impression?

      Here are the steps I have taken to build trust:

      1. Hand written privacy policy - many of my users are going to actively read my privacy policy. So rather than using a template written with a lot of fluff and jargon, the first several paragraphs of mine are written in plain English and cover the things I would be looking for most in a privacy policy - who do you share my data with, what analytics services are you using, will you use emails for targeted advertising etc.

      2. Blog - I have strongs views on privacy and decent understanding of concepts. So I plan to build up useful content that will appeal to people interested in privacy, which I think is a growing group of people.

      3. Collecting minimal data - even things like giving a name is optional - because all I'm going to use it for is to address emails. The philsophy is ask for only what you need and nothing more. If people want personalised emails, they're welcome to leave their name. If they don't care for it, no sweat - that's fine too.

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