Feedback for my little mvp

Hi folks,

i'm Gianni from Rome. I have developed a little mvp that do DCA on Coinbase Pro and Binance Pro.

(Dollar Cost Averaging is a strategy of trade cryptos, not only bitcoin, on a schedule: every day, week, etc)

At the beginning only me and some of my friends used it, but now i've more than 50 members.

What do you think about UI/UX?


(ps. is only desktop, mobile is broken, but i'm working on it)

Thanks to all :)

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    Hi Gianni,

    Landing pages for financial products are tough. Although your page looks nice, it doesn't have a single point of credibility to put people's accounts at risk to use a product that doesn't even cost anything. People get even more suspicious of your intentions when it doesn't cost anything.

    I'd add validation items to your landing page like testimonials, about your company, social media, solid user documentation, etc to build trust around your product.


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      I surely add trust on the update i'm on.

      On the free plan the user is very limited, i have to explain better :)

      Sincerely thanks for this feedback, i'm working hard to get better with every suggestioni i read.

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    Mega hype project, I have already started using the free version. I hope for new features and integrations with other exchanges. Mobile version definitely to be improved, I report a bug in the display of dropdowns from Chrome for Win, white text is displayed on a white background, only on hover can be read.

    Trend UI 🔥

    I think a landing with some more explanations is necessary, and above all you should explain why I should choose to buy crypto from you rather than a competitor, what more does your solution offer?

    I would also add a page with all the documentation necessary to better understand the project, a detailed explanation of the DCA and how the platform invests my crypto, and above all security documentation: where does my money go? How are they managed?

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      Hi undeand_gio,

      your money is moved on your exchange, with hodlll you only trade the currency, we we can't touch your money :)

      I'll write a document with more explaination!

      Thanks for the feedback :) 🙏

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    This is TWAP... Question is...how would it benefit anyone? TWAPs can be used to reduce market impact of large orders when the market isn't deep. But Bitcoin has plenty of liquidity - and I doubt anyone will be putting orders worth hundreds of millions through this app where you need algorithms to actually minimize impact.

    Like others pointed out - the downside of using this product is it gets hacked and you lose the bitcoins. The upside? I don't see one.

    I would imagine to sell this kind of product - you need your landing page to explain why this would be a superior strategy than just buying the bitcoin outright?

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      Hi Ghidra thanks for the questions!

      I answer you by points:

      1. It's not TWAP. It's DCA. Dollar cost averaging is a common strategy were people, to reduce losses, do not trade all the money at the same time but portion it over the time frame. If i trade 10$ of bitcoin every day i get more of the asset when the price is lower, and less of it when the price is higher.

      2. Hodlll cannot be hacked. Keys linked to exchanges only allow currency trading and not withdraws, so there would be no interest in a hacker (and in any case I have respected many security protocols).

      I have update the homepage with more information and with a simple video :)

      Thank you again for your time! :) 🙏

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    Looks very nice.

    When I went to https://hodlll.com/app/ on Chrome the text in dropdowns was white so I could not see the options. Also, I think some unintended scroll bars appear on the bottom and side.

    On a related topic, could I ask you why you think crypto currencies will play an important role in the future?

    1. 2

      Thanks for the scroll bars reportings! I'll fix ASAP

      I think that crypto will play an important role because there is no real need to have banks that manage our money, all the movements can be seen, and traced and decentralization of money can only be good for society.

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        I see.

        Do you have any crypto communities you would recommend?

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    Hi Gianni, pretty cool idea.
    Coinbase already has this feature in the app by default, but I guess the power of your app comes from the fact that you can connect to every exchange.
    What would happen if I ran out of stablecoins to buy on the exchange?
    Does it connect to my debit card?

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      Hi pancake,

      coinbase has this feature, but the relate exchange (coinbase pro) no, where fee are less. (5% vs 0.5%)

      If you run out of fiat you have to do sepa and send money to the exchange, the authorization i have with api keys permit only to trade the crypto, and not to withdraw or bill (and for this is so secure).

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    The "Watch Demo" Button on the landing page is broken - FYI

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      I must fix it in the next hours.

      Thanks! :)

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    Landing page looks slick!

    The image on the right bottom seems interactive, but it's an image. Good idea to add chat to the site

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      Maybe i have to add a link on the image :)

      Thanks 🙏

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    Looks so nice !!
    May I suggest to improve the description of the DCA technique for those that land on site randomly from some crypto-currency thread.

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      You're right, I'm not talking about it at all.

      Thanks 🙏

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    Good job :)

    It looks so cool, can't wait for the mobile version to be ready too!

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      Also can't wait to use the new update of hodlll :P

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    Hey Gianni! I'm from Ferrara (Emilia Romagna) :)

    Minimal but really cool. Maybe you should add more information or a video example. If mobile is broken you must fix it asap, mostly if you are trying to earn from it. Good job anyway.

    Interesting logo.

    How did you get your first 50 users?

    1. 2

      I have engaged many users by word of mouth, and some on reddit or communities about the trade. After finishing the new update I will try to do some advertising.

      Thanks for the suggesions 🙏

      I worked less on the mobile version because is a purely for desktop use (it's difficult to configure the bots by mobile)

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    Hey it looks really cool, visually it's quite pleasing. However, the key thing is I'm not sure I understand the benefit of the product (and I don't know much about bitcoin.)

    What is so difficult about buying bitcoin currently? Why should I pay to use this product instead? I think the landing page should help me think about these things.

    Also, one other thing, the fact that it's free is actually offputting for me given it's a financial app. I would feel more comfortable paying something and knowing that you're earning in exchange for working with my investments, so our incentives are aligned. Hope that helps

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    Nice UI :)

    I would display what the benefits are of buying on a recurring basis without the need of doing something. I think many people could have the fear of letting a software auto-buy.

    The button "watch the demo" did not work for me.

    I wish you the best with this project!

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      I really appreciate your feedback. I'm upgrading the landing with more info about dollar cost averaging and reviews for more trust, now it's a very initial mvp.

      Thanks 🙏

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        Awesome, let me know once you do it, I will be curious to see :)

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    But is there a need for something like this, I think You can set up recurring payments in Coinbase itself right?
    BTW, UX is awesome

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      Yes, you can set up recurring payments in Coinbase/Binance but have high fees.

      If you trade on Coinbase pro / Binance pro the fee are less but you can't do dca.
      Hodlll allows you to do this strategy on the exchanges, as an addon.

      The best thing is that you no longer have to worry about when to buy.

      Thanks for the ux 🙏
      i wanted it be as simple as possible.

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    Not bad at all. Looks really great for a beginner. When I was first starting out in web development, my stuff looked like crap. Like really bad. I would add all kinds of third-party code snippets to my website and it would take ages to load. I ended up having to redo my first site for that very reason.

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