Feedback for new Social-Media Voice App - BlackBird

Hello everyone! After watching a few years ago a video about coffeehouses in the 18th century and why they were the center of innovations within that time, I finally made the step of starting Blackbird!

Interesting fact is that, in those coffeehouses people thought coffee made them more creative and helped them come up with new ideas such as the lightbulb but actually it was the community! People would meet and just talk and brainstorm together for hours drinking coffee. I felt like this is missing nowadays and new things we learn can't be shared as easy as in that time only through voice.

That's why I started BlackBird!👇🏼 To help people like you and me to discover new interesting topics, enter those channels with other users and simply talk about the given topic with a bunch of people.

Link: https://blackbird.launchaco.com/

Hope to get some feedback from you guys and ofc some interested users hopefully who might be interested in joining the first version of it! Thank you all and wish you great holidays with your families and a great start into 2021.❤️

PS: I know about Clubhouse haha we are learning from their mistakes and having 4 more major features in the pipeline to offer.

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    Awesome work Mehmet!!

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      Thank you!! Amazing work on Flurly as well, super clean website👍🏼

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