September 9, 2019

Feedback from fellow Indie Hackers changed my business trajectory.

Yusuf Qabil @qabil

When I was feeling frustrated and lost about my business' progress, I let out a rant here on Indie Hackers ( After the post, I received lots of love and constructive feedback from members of the community. Some people shared their experiences and advice, some shared the same issue they're facing, some gave strong feedback on my website and some simply gave words of encouragement. It was a rather weird feeling to be comforted and consoled online but I definitely felt better after the post!

I made drastic changes to my website as per the feedback I got from the post and re-launched at sites like Reddit and YC Startup School. The responses were not exactly overwhelming but it was received pretty well. People liked it and are they are signing up and creating profiles. Some are even willing to pay for it. But most importantly, they understood what I'm building. Here are the pages:

From this experience, I realized that

  1. Getting honest constructive feedback is crucial when building stuff, especially at an early stage.
  2. Do not be afraid to receive harsh criticisms and try to understand from their perspective.
  3. I am not alone and online communities are actually a very helpful bunch of people.

Thank you so very much to all those who have contributed their thoughts and time for me, I truly appreciate it: @shaqqs, @tbotnar, @stevenkkim, @Fruzenshtein, @dru_riley, @meesterfox, @Michael_Andreuzza, @robrt, @NickNaks, @kennygrant, @pauldmet, @Abbyio, @vitabenes, @harrydry, @shree, @stephsmith, @Mubs

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    This is soooo much better! :)

    1. 1

      Thanks, @rosiesherry :) I'm sorry, I should've included you in the mention list since you were one of the earliest who gave me good feedback albeit in a different post. Thank you so much again.

      1. 1

        No need to apologise, I'm made happy when I see others progress :)

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    Cool! I remember reading your post about how to get a following. I was in the exact same boat, it's really hard to get noticed in the online world. That's why I started devoting 10-15 minutes every morning contributing to something online. Also your site is really cool! I just signed up for a page!

    1. 1

      I know right? Anyway, that's a great tip, thanks for sharing, Shane!

      Hey, thanks! Happy to hear that you like it! Do you have a Twitter account for yourself or your startup? I'll be happy to promote you and your startup on our Twitter page for free :)

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        Well I don’t have an active Twitter. But it’d be rad if you could promote my founders page once I get it more complete!

        1. 1

          Of course, that's a promise from me!

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    Great to see that you found the feedback you were looking for! We're rooting for you. :)

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      Thanks, Steph! Your support means a lot to me, thank you :)

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    Nice one Qabil! 50x better. Still a long road ahead. But you can do it.

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      Thanks, Harry! Just wanna say that you're an inspiration to me, thanks :)

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        maybe one day it will be the other way round

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    Happy to help. Feedback is essential for course-correction. I'm sending 25-30 emails seeking feedback from users every week and the responses are enlightening. Good job on making changes!

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      Thanks, @vitabenes! Your feedback is one of the more useful ones—helped me so much in deciding how to shape my landing page.

      Those are loads of email—how's the response rate look like? I've sent quite a number of emails to my users too, however, only a handful responded back. So, I categorized them into like 1) very helpful user 2) occasionally helpful user and 3) not very helpful user. I tend to only send emails to the first 2 categories. I don't send much to the third, afraid they might be pissed off and run away.

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        4-5 responses a week. I haven't developed any kind of sophisticated approach yet, might use your categorization.

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          Hey, that's great. I think I should send more emails as you did. Thanks for sharing this tip.

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    Great to see you being more positive and taking all the advice onboard. It’s a journey of ups and downs. I experience it daily!

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      Haha, that's quite enlightening to hear. At least it's a worthwhile journey :) Thanks, Paul!