April 17, 2019

Feedback: Make instant notes that stick in your brain

Dr. Singh @docnbs

Hi Everyone,
Looking for feedback on a new app I am working on.

It is an instant note making app for readers to get the most out of what they read. The note making flow is intended to be less complicated than making a ppt/video and can be done via any smartphone with a camera and is meant for simple stuff (or simplified stuff) that can be communicated with just a snap and 3-minute voice recording. The steps in the flow are based on learning techniques that enhance retention of topics on which notes are created. Also, the user can create notes after reading the topic from any source - printed books, e-books, videos, podcasts etc.

Steps for making a note with the app include,
Step 1. Taking a snap of what is being read (or snap of key points jotted down on paper - this can later be done via in-app jotter replacing pen & paper) and

Step 2. Superimposing with voice of the reader briefly explaining the concept in his own words (in English, in regional language, both)
Research on study techniques and human memory like the learning pyramid and Feynman's technique (see links given in references) say noting down key points as well as explaining to others/oneself in simple words can enhance retention of any topic to 90% (see graph) and without this being done the retention is around 10%. (See graph below)

Step 3. Spaced repetition: After notes are created by a user we push them to spaced repetition loop (automated periodic revisions) to expose the notes up to 8 times in a year (via app or email deep linking) to surpass the forgetting curve. The exposures can be < or > based on user inputs.
Graph: Learning and forgetting curves: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pap6m6i5E0oSsb7eZh1Mjqw-unOn83fZ

Who the app is not intended for?
The app is not intended for readers with photographic memory. It is intended for the other 99% who reads a lot only to forget after a week/month.

Who is the app intended for?
Prolific readers, students, competitive exam candidates, research scholars who wish to make instant notes on data they collect, teachers who wish to understand how their students are learning at home/share notes with the students, life-long learners etc. Please let me know your opinion-good and bad, and how we can improve. Any feedback will be super helpful at this stage.

Thanks in advance.

  • Dr. N


  1. Learning pyramid https://images.app.goo.gl/VpVVto3czLePQENw8
  2. Feynman's technique: https://mattyford.com/blog/2014/1/23/the-feynman-technique-model
  3. 50/50 rule: https://medium.com/personal-growth/the-50-50-rule-how-to-retain-and-remember-90-of-everything-you-learn-fa5c99d2543d

Beta access: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/edfone


  1. 1

    @jlogic: Glad you like the concept.
    On audio snippets: I like the idea. Will see how many users need this feature once we launch. I guess, one way users might be doing this right now would be to copy relevant text from podcast transcript - when a transcript is available. The audio playback will be missing though.

    On memorizing: True that. This is exactly where the learning technique integrated in the app will be helpful.

    Hope you have subscribed for beta so that I will be able to let you know when we are ready. Beta access: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/edfone

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    I like it! I sort of do this with google keep, when I'm on the go.

    Not sure possible, but would be cool to take snippets of audio from my phone.... like listening to a podcast and want to have that come back later.

    There are some other things I need to memorize but often forget to do... i.e. my wife's mobile phone and other important phone numbers. The boy scout oath as I'm running a den of 5-6 year olds and to lead, I need to remember the passage. Reading from it once a month has not sunk in.

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