Feedback needed on MVP built for remote teams

We are looking for a team to give our MVP a test run the next time you need to get someone to review a decision (or even a fake decision if you don't want to wait)

You can set yourself up with an account here;


(We do have one nasty bug where you get a white screen at times but just hit refresh if you can)

Would appreciate any feedback you can share here on this post or even directly in the app.

Thanks in advance

[email protected]

Here is a product demo of how it works


As a Product Manager and Engineer, we built Syncd to reduce the pain we experienced caused by miscommunication of decisions when working remotely.

What it does

The MVP we built is based on a format that we have had massive success with implementing in our past jobs. It is like DocSend but focused on getting internal team members to respond explicitly with their position on your proposal.

Pain point background

The most common scenarios we found ourselves in were

  • Weeks of rework because somebody important didn't read your proposal you shared in Slack
  • Waiting days to get everyone on a call to confirm they are happy to proceed with a proposed design, solution spec, etc. because you don't trust just sharing it async.
  • Not getting everyone's true opinion on that Zoom call because they were either not comfortable speaking in front of the group or they had their opinion biased by something someone else said.
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    Hi Ian,

    I know we are kind of, sort of competing with each other but would you be interested in a usage exchange with Uclusion? Since we are both expert on the requirements of remote collaboration, we can give each other in depth reviews of our products.

    I'll start with some free feedback - on the login page I logged in with Google and nothing happened. I eventually figured out to refresh the page but there is a bug there.

    I'm happy to continue to go page by page with detailed feedback if you are willing to reciprocate.


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      Thanks @disrael, dropped you an email there!

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