April 10, 2019

Feedback: New From Us - would you use this?

Hey everyone,

Working at a startup, I realized that there was often a disconnect between what the engineering team is constantly building and shipping and what the other teams in the company are aware of. There should be an easier way to notify users and internal teams about all the stuff we ship, so I put together an MVP of my product - 'New From Us' over at www.newfromus.io.

Its a tool for engineering, marketing, and product teams to easily use recent Github activity to instantly send updates to users and internal teams via Twitter and Slack. Would love to get peoples' thoughts on it. Does this seem like something that's useful for you or your team? Would happily listen to additional feature requests.

Thank you!!


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    Nice landing page, I could clearly understand what your vp is just by looking it once. What tool(s) did you use to create the image?

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      Thanks @vinliao. I used Sketch for all the designs (https://www.sketch.com)

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    To my mind it seems like it might make more sense to integrate with CI/CD, since for me a PR to master has rarely meant that I'm about to release.

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      Thanks for the great point @sunshowerlisa. It totally makes sense. I'll add CI/CD to our list of sources to support in order to serve as many different workflows as possible.

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    Nice job on the landing page. Value prop is good and it's super clear how the product works.

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      Thanks @jamesfmac - appreciate the feedback :)

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    This is a fantastic idea. I think it would it make sense to be able to hook into a tagged release on Github as well rather than just pull requests.

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      Thanks @stevesanders - and yes! This is something we're currently working on, along with more fine-tuned filtering options with Github. Eventually, we'd even love to grow it beyond Github. We're discussing building out integrations for more product focused tools like Jira/Trello/Asana/etc. to allow for product teams to create releases from all the work that they're completing.

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    Brilliant stuff you have going on here Dace, it looks good so far, I will take a deeper dive as I only skimmed through it, and come up with things that might need tweaking, right now tho it looks good.

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      Thanks @NnamAries - looking forward to hearing your feedback :)