Feedback on an idea - Rating of celebrities/famous people

Hi All

This is my first post on IH. I am looking for honest feedback on the below idea. If it gathers enough support, I will want to build this or a modified version of this in public.

  1. I am looking to build an app that allows users to rate/vote famous personalities on various traits.
  2. These personalities can be from various fields in life such as politics, media, sports, music, etc but controlled by platform.
  3. The traits could be looks, skills in the profession, etc
  4. Users could mention how much they admire, respect, love these personalities. There could be additional parameters like trustworthiness, coolness, sexiness etc
  5. Basis the ranking collected from users, we will have a rating & popularity chart to display how these celebrities are stacked against each other. Rating and popularity scores will be aggregated so that personal preferences are not public.
  6. Users could discuss on the popularities.
  7. Platform could be expanded to make it as a voting platform for anything which is of mass interest.
    8-a. For Monetization, users can pay to have a personality or topics which are not covered normally onto the platform so that other users can vote.
    8-b. For monetization, users would be able to create a private group in which they can take anonymous feedback/voting on anything.
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