Design and UX October 6, 2020

Feedback on Humlix UI


Humlix UI

I would be happy if you can take a moment and look at the UI of my application and give some feedback on your first impression.
Humlix is for developers and testers, and the tool will generate tests for them. Either they create test requests manually, or they import, e.g., an OpenAPI spec.

I know it is hard just by looking at a screenshot, but any ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated around the colors, layout, etc.

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    Hey, I really liked your application that lets developers generate test cases easily and efficiently.

    Regarding UI/UX of the app, the only drawback is that its looks a bit old design and don't have proper spacing and layout guidelines, also have some issues with color constrast.

    Click on the link to view, how you can easily enhance your UI with help of proper white space and color constrast.

    Humlix Concept Design

    I thought of enhancing your app's UI as part of the design feedback. Let me know what you think.

    Note - I have not recreated all the elements, just to provide you a basic idea for better UI/UX design. There is even more room for fixing some more issues.

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