July 9, 2020

Feedback on landing page

cri @cridev

Hello everyone!

Created a landing page for ad idea I had after testing the eBay templates market.


It helps eBay sellers to

"Create professional looking product listings in minutes"

This all started because I am selling products on eBay myself, found the idea of creating simple and effective eBay listings HTML quite unpleasant.

As a developer I built a prototype for my own listings at first.
I wanted to verify if there are other people that could be interested in an affordable solution to create product listings HTML with ease.

The site is online since this week, collecting feedback and potential interested eBay sellers through a mailing-list so that I can catch up with them and listen to their feedback even more after the official launch around end of July.

Let me know what you honestly think

and thanks for having me on indiehackers, looking forward to this journey


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