Feedback on Landing Page - New SaaS

Hey IH!

I am currently building a landing site for a new idea I've hit on. I don't yet have a name, but I'd love to get some feedback (or name ideas!). Is the concept clear and the value proposition easily understood?

Idea: In B2B Sales, two things are true: 1) there is a tremendous amount of content (pptx, whitepapers, demo videos, etc) shared with prospects and 2) stages and outcomes are extremely well tracked (or should be) in CRMs. I believe there is an opportunity to build on top of this data to provide insight into where/when/how marketing and sales assets are shared and presented through a sales cycle. This information can be leveraged to make better tactical decisions in each stage of an opportunity, to identify less than compelling assets and ensure that sales reps are armed with the best possible tools for closing deal.

Link: https://newbiz-7b4e29.webflow.io/


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    Is your new idea that you put up an ambiguous page and then people give you ideas by guessing at what you mean? Cause if so that's brilliant.

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      Ha! Fair enough. The concept is to allow businesses, sales and marketing teams in particular, to understand the impact their collateral has. This includes whitepapers, slide decks, etc. Tracking where in a sales cycle they are used and how they impact the way deals flow through a sales cycle.

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        That's a very clear explanation - why not just say that above the fold? I think thinking someone might steal your idea is old fashioned these days when VCs don't want to invest unless you already have customers.

        As for a name CollateralImpact?

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          I think my idea for not dropping a full explainer was seeing if the landing page could make it clear enough. Obviously not! Appreciate the feedback and added it to the main post.

          CollateralImpact could definitely work.

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            Oh sorry - I mean put that explanation above the fold on the landing page (not this post).

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              Oh, duh. Reading but not comprehending over here. Thanks!

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