Feedback on my goals for this month (May)

Last month, I was feeling a bit tired and busy so I didn't do as much as I normally do. So this month, I am setting a few goals for myself.

My goals are:

To achieve the above goals, I will be focusing on social media engagement and content marketing.

Any advice and feedback welcome.

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    I don't know how well your resume template business is running, but imo, with the advent of LinkedIn, resume building tools/techniques are pretty much redundant/unnecessary. I can just provide a LinkedIn profile link and most recruiters are happy with that. For the ones that require a formal pdf, LinkedIn actually provides a nifty feature to build it based on your resume.

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      Thanks for your input. That's why my resume template includes a guide on what to have in a perfect resume as an added bonus.

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    All the best! I am also focusing on publishing 2 - 3 tweets every day in May. What strategy you're using to achieve your goal of increasing Twitter followers?

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      I read somewhere that 2 - 3 tweets is an ideal number. I am currently tweeting less than that, so aiming to do more. The other strategy is to engage in conversations.

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