Landing Page Feedback April 18, 2019

Feedback on my landing page?


Can you please look at this landing page and give me feedback:

  1. Is it clear what the service is about? What is unclear?
  2. What could be improved?
  3. Would you be interested to try it out?

(Signing up is not integrated yet.)



  1. 1

    Hey Zencentric,

    Here's some feedback:

    Create SaaS applications without coding

    This tagline is - in effect - saying "hey, go do this work"...

    As a potential customer coming to the page, you haven't answered my fundamental questions yet:

    • Is this for me?
    • What pain will it solve for me? (why do I need this)
    • How will my life be better after using this product? (the dream)

    Only once i understand that, will I begin to care/respond well to what your product actually does...


    The most important change I'd make is to make it super clear from the beginning who this product is aimed at.

    Is it for people who can't code but want to create an app?

    Or for experienced developers who want to save time?

    Or something else completely?

    Either way, you really need to get that information across right at the beginning - otherwise, what's the incentive to me as a visitor to read on and find out more?

    Good luck!

    1. 1

      thanks for your feedback. That's right, I didn't explain anything... yet. I need to be more clear and add more benefits for the end user.

  2. 1

    Hey - you should change your IH title I think it can be clearer.

    For the landing page:

    • Add a call to action above the fold
    • Add social proof also above the fold

    In general, here is a good way to do it:

    Good luck!

    1. 2

      I actually used this guide to work on the landing page. I just removed some elements last minute (CTA) just because there is no available action :))
      I don't have any social proof yet so what I would put there?

      1. 1

        You could be a bit hacky and list some personal experience. Like "We have experience working with [some company u worked at]."

        I think at this stage that is fine.

        1. 1

          Unfortunately, my personal experience doesn't intersect with this project so I think I need something else... thanks for the advice, though :)