Feedback on my (not yet published) about page

Excuse the blurred out image, but this is a testimonial from client that I haven't announced yet.

Apart from that, this is my first ever stab at an about page. I've used all the standard tropes; open with a big headline, tell your story, show social proof, show a notable endorsement etc etc.

Wondering what the hive mind thinks?

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    I'm anticipating people telling me to use a real image of myself but just gonna put this out there - it's not necessary and it's not going to happen.

    The avatar I've created does look like me though :-)

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      We are digital beings, maybe we don't even exist in the real life!

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      Well-anticipated. :o) In which case, I would suggest no avatar at all. The story does well in building a personal connection, but in this instance, I think having the avatar there negates that.

      Other than that, I like what the page does in setting out what the product is briefly, but then your personal story for building it. I would consider taking the last line of your story and make that the compelling headline for the page.

      It's a very friendly, clear "about" page, in my view.

      Small typo in the footer section: "Wether" -> "Whether".

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        +1 to not having an image at all rather than an iOS avatar ;P

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      Why not? It’s the first thing that bugged me. There’s a reason journalists put their pictures on their articles, it gives them more credibility and makes the article more humane. That’s my opinion anyway.

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        I appreciate your opinion and disagree with it :-)

        The reasons why are pretty personal; i'm a privacy advocate (my product is privacy centric) and don't wish to put a photo of myself online.

        I'm not a journalist lol

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    I don't want to wade too far into the "is an About page important" debate but I can say that I know that in my previous life building and growing a B2B SaaS from 0 to 10,000+ accounts, the About page was a small but important percentage of traffic and visitors to the About page tended to be more likely to convert into leads and customers.

    Every business is different, and I'd bet that B2B SaaS will see more benefits from an About page than B2C SaaS, e-commerce or other sites where the product and the company are not quite so inextricably linked.

    It sounds like you've already got good coverage on the product/benefits side so investing some time in an About page is likely to be a net positive.

    Feedback on the page itself:

    • The layout is good, and the content is generally clear and focused. I agree with the feedback that the last sentence of the first section might be a better h1 for the page.
    • I don't mind the avatar instead of a real photo. It won't make a difference either way, IMO
    • The "Users are at the core of everything" section was the least compelling to me. The first and third paragraph are mostly saying the same thing and the second paragraph kind of reads like I won't be as important as early users were. Maybe an opportunity to pull in a quote from a user talking about how responsive you are to user feedback to illustrate the point you're trying to make?
    • The CTA to start a free trial gets lost right now, I didn't notice it until my third pass
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        I like this version better, good stuff!

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      This is amazing feedback. Thanks so much. I will make changes off the back of this.

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    Looks very enterprise-y to me. Would try to make it more personal for your audience.

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    I think you could make use of a now page instead 9f an about page.



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      I do think there's something quite funny about the fact that the hero link on nownownow.com is a link to their "About" page 🤓

      I'll check it out though. Looks interesting.

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        I was thinking the same when I was copying the link... I guess is for those that don't know what a now page is if they look for an about...

        I have used on TUF

        Good luck Mick!

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    I think this is a very good "about" page. No information missing, the space is well used and the page is sober without being boring (maybe you could add a few colorful elements like music notes, an ipod or something related to make it a tad more lively). Great work from my point of view, and I would tend to disagree with people saying you must upload a picture of you. You should if you were writing about you but as long as you're not, then it's not necessary.

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    You'll realize after you go live that the about us page gets the least clicks... so don't put too much time into it. Focus heavily on the product/service features and clearly explain the benefits and ease of use.

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      Do you have any data that supports what you said? Not being an arsehole but I’ve read so much stuff over the past week that implies the about page gets the MOST clicks of any other page from new visitors.

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        I think the About page is SUPER important for a small number of buyers/customers. And those particular buyers/customers are probably more highly-informed than your average.

        So yes, I think this page is very important! But not as important as the home landing page.

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        Have you ever owned a software as a service or a website before? If they're reading your about us page over any other page... You should rethink your home page, features page and pricing page as they're not selling the product well enough or building enough trust.

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          The About Us page is one of the most important pages on your customer’s website.


          Why the About Us Page Is One of the Most Important on Your Website


          Your website's About page wields more marketing muscle than any other piece of content.

          Seriously, the list is endless of high quality business resources going on about how important the About page is.

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            I'm a writer on business.com and also bplans.com and they'll allow you to write any bs crap you want without facts. I'm just telling you from experience and I'm not trying to put your page down as it looks great.

            I'm simply suggesting not to put too much energy into the about page. Focusing on the sales pages and building trust on those pages are key to conversions.

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              No I hear you and I appreciate the feedback. I’ve only put 3 or 4 hours into this so far.

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          Hmmm... I feel like you're putting forth opinion as fact. There's too much online saying the opposite of what you are for me to take your word as gospel, hence my request for data.

          And yes I have many years of experience running digital products.

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            I have 3 websites with About pages, and none of those About pages get any notable traffic.

            Two websites are content websites, where I don't sell anything. I suspect people go to those sites to read the content, and don't care about who's behind the site.

            The other website is a product website, where physical products were sold (revenue: mid 6 figures/year). I looked at GA for all of 2020, and the About page received 0.31% of the total views.

            I have a 4th website that I just launched -- also a site that will sell a physical product. Knowing what I know about the lack of traffic to About pages, instead of an About page, I just created a "About the Inventor" section on the homepage, which serves as my About info. I think that's enough for those who care.

            Just my opinion -- it is helpful to have an About page or About section. However, that is different from whether or not it will get a good deal of traffic. It's important for those looking for more information about the maker -- so why not give them what they're looking for.

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                Yeah, I like the shortened version.

                The About Songbox blurb feels slightly repetitive. Maybe a slight variation:

                Songbox allows audio creators to share their valuable content safely, privately, and securely.

                My only other comment would be the "Songbox by the numbers" section may become a maintenance problem, unless you can find a way to automatically update the numbers. That's pretty minor, but something I thought was worth mentioning.

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            At no point have I claimed my opinion as facts.. pretty sure I said that once you get this thing live... you'll quickly realize that the about us page is not the "most visited" page.

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