Feedback on my productized SEO service landing page

Testing the waters with this productized SEO service with Indie Hackers in mind.

Can I get feedback on:

  • Pricing
  • Target customer choice
  • Whether you'd be interested in this service?
  • If you understand what I am selling
  • What reservations you have
  • Is it too wordy?
  • Should I ditch Wordpress and just use a simple landing page template?

Design-wise I am aware it isn't great. I regret using Wordpress in that respect.

Feel free to be brutally HONEST.


  1. 1

    Hi Jack,

    The website actually looks great. Just change the favicon from the wordpress one.

    The service list seems good value, however, I'd think twice about offering services to beginning bootstrappers. Seems like it might be a hard sell knowing how frugal most of us are. But I hope I'm wrong here and you succeed! :)

    1. 1

      Thanks. I understand the bootstrappers feedback! I am thinking there are bootstrappers who'd pay this price for the potential ROI if they're not confident with SEO.

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