Feedback on product concept - AI automated website QA

Looking for feedback primarily on the product concept, but advice on the landing page too would be appreciated.


The idea is basically automating as much of QA as possible to supplement the work your product/QA/eng teams do today. We estimate this is currently at about 10%. As AI improves and our algorithms improve we can move this closer and closer to 100%.

Thanks y'all

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    Just wanted to let you know, the site does not work when I have ublock origin turned on. ublock is blocking Googletagmanger and it is breaking the page. All I see is a black page. The error I am seeing in the console is

    Uncaught (in promise) GA4React intialization failed: {"type":"error"} onerror ga4manager.tsx:148 value ga4manager.tsx:144 value ga4manager.tsx:66 e index.js:14 c runtime.js:63 _invoke runtime.js:294 x runtime.js:119 Babel 4 65 index.js:13 a (index):1 r (index):1 t (index):1 <anonymous> main.14ff9638.chunk.js:1 ga4manager.tsx:148:24 Babel 6 65 index.js:13 a (index):1 r (index):1 t (index):1 <anonymous> main.14ff9638.chunk.js:1

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