Feedback on Tweetastic - simply beautiful analytics for twitter

Hey makers!

I've been a passive reader of Indie Hackers for quite some time already and finally I am ready with my first ever product which I opened for public use yesterday 🎉

It's an alternative for native Twitter analytics which is designed to make your growth browsing enjoyable process. Tweetastic offers telegram bot digests so if you want to get timely push notifications of your twitter account growth - it's easily doable, and you don't even need to open a web dashboard or twitter itself 😀

Here goes the landing page where I tried to explain all the features and provide all the links that might be useful for new users, but as it is my first product I am quite nervous if it looks good and if I didn't miss something.


Would greatly appreciate any feedback and in case you want to try out - all the features of Tweetastic are now free while it runs in open Beta 🙌🏼

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    The product seems promising. When will be the launch?

    Just one feedback, why would you put 3 call-to-actions in the hero section?

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      I want people to be able to quickly look up how the dashboard looks like and at the same time give them quick links to the service and telegram bot 🤷‍♂️ Don't really know how to do it better :D

      It's in open beta already - you can use all the features for free, but I am still figuring out how to promote it 🧐

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    Hey there 🙋‍♂️, I complied some feedback for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Also, if you want more feedback like this from other entrepreneurs, checkout https://www.FounderFeedback.club/


    Under normal circumstances - How likely is it that you would have closed the tab already after a few seconds? Usually, a visitor of a websites decides in 5 seconds if they want to stay a bit longer or not.

    [ ] very likely
    [x] I'm not sure
    [ ] not likely

    Why is that 🔝?
    I'm not sure what this is. Obviously "Analytics" for twitter, but I'm not sure (after a few seconds) if this is something I should care about. Isn't the usual twitter analytics feature enough for me? Why do I need more than that? Is this for individuals or for companies?

    Is the overall design appealing to you? A well designed product or service is the first thing we notice. It does not to be fancy to impress. Often less is more.

    [ ] I don't like it at all
    [ ] It's not great
    [x] It's OK-ish
    [ ] It's pretty neat
    [ ] I love it

    Anything in particular that you like / dislike from the design aspect?

    • I looks weird on large screens. Too small text - too much whitespace (even though whitespace is usually a good thing - here it looks too empty).
    • The blue wave-separators look also a bit misplaced on large screens
    • Your fullscreen hero section is not getting my attention. Even though it's literally the only thing there. Try a larger / bolder font or spice it up with a screenshot
    • I like that you used a screenshot of the telegram bot, but it looks a bit too old-fashined with THIS iphone mockup. Maybe use a more generic phone mockup and make the screenshot larger

    Is it clear to you what the service / product does? One of the hardest thing to do is clearly communicating what a service or product does and why it is relevant to the user.

    [ ] Not clear at all
    [x] I'm not sure
    [ ] I think I know
    [ ] Yes, could be clearer though
    [ ] Yes. Absolutely!

    What could be clearer?
    Well, I'm still not sure what this is. (Disclaimer: I did not read the small subtexts - because - who actually does that?)
    The screenshots are not clear to me. Is your main product a telegram bot informing me daily about the changes from yesterday (this I'd like actually)? Or is it a dashboard I need to actively checkout myself?

    Do you feel being in the target audience?

    [ ] Absolutely not
    [ ] Most likely not
    [ ] I have no idea / maybe
    [x] Well, kind of
    [ ] Hell Yes!

    Why do you think so?
    I'm a twitter user. Not active - but I am still interested in how many people I reach with Tweets and replies. If this would be a telegram bot notifying me on a certain cadence about engagements, I would see myself actually be in the target group.

    How interested are you in using this product / service yourself?
    See above question. I think I would use it if it would be a one-time-enable tool that informs me via telegram about the twitter engagement on my tweets and replies (after setting it up once).

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      Thanks a lot for the feedback! I will try to improve the landing page design based on your comments - they were pretty valuable! And yes - it's a one time setup for telegram notifications :D

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    Hey Dimitri, it's a nice tool. I'd think about how to distribute it...maybe find fast/growing Twitter profiles (who are going from 0 to 10k followers and consistently growing), and try to offer it to them as a way to "optimize" their growth by tracking it (you know that quote, you cannot measure what you don't see).

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      Thanks for the tip!

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