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Feedback on Website Copy

Hey everyone! My startup just went live! A brief synopsis of the product: a platform to connect businesses with marketing agencies that fit their needs. A business fills out a request, marketing agencies can review those requests, and then decide if the business is a good fit for their services.

We are looking to get as much feedback on the copy of the website. If you have a little time to spare, would you mind going on our website, poking around, and filling out a quick survey? You can also comment/reply to this post. Be BRUTAL and HONEST.

Website link: https://321jump.us
Feedback survey: https://aishaburka.typeform.com/to/Jy1cuPRv

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    Hi, for now I focus on the section above the fold.

    The title "Hire Marketing Agencies Fit for Your Brand" doesn't sound right to me.

    The result that the customer desires it isn't hiring agencies.

    He wants to find the right one.

    On top of that I prefer to start a landing page with a question that highlights the problem of the customer. It makes everything easier.

    Based on what I see a simple alternative is: "Tired of marketing agencies that doesn't fit your brand?"

    Then you can use the subtitle to promise the result that customers want: "Find one that matches your need. On 321Jump we have the right one for you"

    Does it make sense for you?

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