Feedback, please: does the landing page explain the product?

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    I get the concept! (I suppose you are using GPT-3)

    The CTA is kinda hidden though. I'd expect it right below the main copy. You have to spend some time spotting it.

    Remember: CRO = Making it effortless for the user to understand, get value and take the desired action.

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      Thanks for the input, @franco_g And yep, it's using GPT-3

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        Yeah, we use it at abtesting.ai for speeding up copywriting when creating experiments. It's pretty impressive, but sometimes the text don't have anything to do with the original landing page content haha

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          Absolutely, as long as you keep a human in the loop the results are quite impressive. Used as an assistant, for inspiration and so on, it's a very powerful tool, and I'm hoping to apply its power to an untapped usage such as hiring.

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    Hey David,

    Interesting product. It looks like eventually, you want to build AI/ML tools to help teams automate multiple parts of the hiring process. This is cool and there’s a lot of places you can go with this from a messaging standpoint, but the only product you have right now are AI job descriptions, so I’m going to give some feedback with that in mind…

    1. Be clear about your audience and what pain points this product solves.
      All software should make [____] easy/faster/simpler... So how specifically does Drafted do this? What part of the hiring process are you solving? Use these answers in your copy.
      (e.g. “Need a role hired yesterday? Drafted generates the perfect job descriptions for fast-growing teams.”)

    2. There are two lines in your “7-day…” card that I think are worth highlighting higher up on the page: “Write better job adverts faster, without writing experience.” and “Fill your hiring pipeline with higher-quality candidates."

    3. With those two messages brought up on the page, I’d drop the “7-day…” card, and move the pricing to a two-column layout. The CTA can introduce the “Start your 7-day free trial”.

    4. Overall, I’d downplay the use of words like “artificial intelligence, neural networks, and machine learning. Making some assumptions here, but if your product is a simple as a few clicks and boom, the perfect job description is generated, it might make sense to

    Keep going!

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      Thanks a lot for the very valuable input, Andrew!

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    I'm immediately turned off by the AI claims.

    Is it really AI or are you keyword matching?

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      Thanks for your input. The tool uses GPT-3 to assist the user in creating job descriptions.

      Something like "Copy.ai for hiring" :D

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    I'm not sure if I get what you're doing.

    You're likely not able to control the hiring process or making the stars align for the talent to be found, go through the process and then accept the offer -- so can you really help people hire faster? Or is there some other pain you're solving?

    "Our Artificial Intelligence" -- this is HOW you do it, not WHY you do it -- customers usually want to know the 'job to be done' is completed not how it was done.

    Look at Roomba:
    "Awesome alone. Even better together. Whether you choose a Roomba® robot vacuum, or a Braava® robot mop⁠ — your floors get the specialised care they need to stay effortlessly clean, every day."

    They aren't saying they use infrared sensors and slip resistant wheels to get the job done, they are saying we promise if you use us you'll get floors that are clean, everyday. That they can control with building the right smart tech and the ability to schedule cleanings. They can't make the promise of a 'clean household' they stick to their lane of floors.

    So with that being said, it looks like you're aligning the job posting to the job description to effortlessly attract and speak to the right candidates? Creating engaging job descriptions? Something else?

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      Thanks a lot for the comprehensive feedback, Daniel! It's very helpful to read about your PoV.

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    Yes it does. Love the colour treatment for the title text

    I have small suggestion, the containers on the page seem very tightly packed together. If you could add some space the design will look cleaner and the visitor can focus on individual elements better.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, Rucha!

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    Yes I think so. You clearly explain what the product is about :"Hire better talent, faster" , we understand the product is about job offers and you explain how your customers can hire talents faster with AI. So it's a yes for me ;)

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      Thanks for the feedback, Jahnoy!

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    Thanks a lot to everybody for all the feedback offered. I've spent the last few days going through it and making some heavy modifications in the design and the copy of the page.

    I'm so much happier with the landing page now, and I think it reflects the product much better, and speaks much loader to potential customers.

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