Feedback requested for my data analytics consulting company

Hey all,

I'm launching a data analytics consulting business and would love to get your thoughts on my landing page. We're just getting started but we'd like to offer an end to end solution for our customers to solve their data analytics and data warehousing problems.


For example, let's say you have data in a bunch of different systems and you want to bring it all together in one place and then have some dashboards on top of that. In addition, you might want some email triggers when certain conditions are met, such as customers churning, lots of support tickets, etc.

We would build something out and then continue to host your data warehouse, dashboards, automated pipelines, etc. The idea is we would charge a fixed fee to develop it, then a monthly service fee to maintain and help you grow your business with data. Kind of like a productized service in the sense there is a common platform and toolset, except there won't be predetermined price points since each job would be fairly unique in terms of scope and difficulty.

I'm still working on a "how it works" page, but I wonder if what I have here is enough for people to send us a message that they're interested?

What do you think?

P.S. The email form submission works even though it shows an "error" message. Still working on getting that fixed, but you can send us an email.

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    Can I ask in which tool you are using to create all the data dashboards and how you plan on following this information?
    Google Analytics is not as accurate nowadays especially when it takes off the ability to use cookies.
    Your data is not accurate, you segment the user incorrectly, and a user who visited your site 10 times from incognito mode will show as 10 new visitors.

    Your landing page is very nice, and I'm sure a lot of thought was made while creating it. I will suggest you to choose your tools more carefully as you want to give your clients the best product. Twik is just an example of one tool that manage to crack it up with those bullets and give you a much accurate data, since they don't rely on cookies (but on fingerprint).

    Anyway, good luck and I'm sure you will succeed with your new product. :)

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      Thanks for the advice. We're actually going to be pretty much agnostic to the tools the customer has to collect data and more focused on the backend platform to connect to these datasets and bring them all into a common warehouse. Then we'll use something like Tableau on top of either a data lake or Amazon Redshift for visualization. You did get me thinking though, in that as the business evolves I may also need to help clients make sure they make the right choices around how to collect the data they're interested in for best results.

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        Well it sounds amazing. I'm happy with the fact you know where the company goes and how to give the best service to your client.

        Always keep in mind that it's easier getting a service that covers all your needs, instead of having few professionals for different reasons.

        Good luck!

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